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Find essential pre-requisites of mantra chanting which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the mantra meditation 

We help to succeed in your mantra sadhana! In these ebooks, we will discuss the mental block, hurdles, and complete analysis of why mantra fails.

We will have workbooks with step by step and checklist for mantra sadhana rituals (DIY) that you can easily follow every day.

You will get eBooks on mantra sadhana steps and sadhana rituals steps

You will have access to the most useful information which you can use in your life.

Get 11 eBooks with rare and deep information  

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Essential pre-requisites of a Mantra Sadhana

Essential pre-requisites

There are some essential pre-requisites of a mantra sadhana which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the mantra sadhana. These pre-requisites can be arranging for important things and learning of crucial skills required during the sadhana. 

The book enlists all the basic requirements of Mantra Sadhana such as asana, posture, mudra, time and other details. The mentor will guide you through each of the requirements and the ways to do it.. 

Mantra Japa Guide 

Mantra Japa Guide

What is Mantra Japa 

Types of Mantra Japa

Effects of Mantra Japa on Mind:

Effects of Mantra Japa on Body

Effects of Mantra Japa on Soul

How to Japa

Number of Days to Japa a mantra

Number of times to Japa a mantra

Mantra Sadhana Rituals Guide 

Rituals for Mantra Sadhana

Rituals for Mantra Sadhana and Mantra Siddhi

We will provide you with the details of all the daily rituals that a sadhak has to do before and after mantra chanting. The book will make you understand the importance of each ritual in the mantra sadhana

Integrants of Mantra Sadhana 

Everyday Rituals Work Book

This Book will also help a new seeker to get motivated and venture into the ocean of mantra sadhana. Any of the mental block and hurdles that a seeker has will be cleared out in this part. 

The successful completion of your mantra sadhna depends on various factors. But among them, there are few factors that are of paramount significance. In this book, we will be discussing these crucial factors briefly and understand as how do they affect your sadhana results. 

Everyday Rituals Work Book  (Only step Instructions)

Everyday Rituals Work Book

Step Instructions & check list for Mantra Sadhana Rituals (DIY)

The rituals involved in mantra sadhna may range from simple to complex. So for our devoted seekers, we have made Step Instructions work book for the completion of each ritual. 

So simply, start following.

Every ritual is shown in small steps, so that the seeker, especially the new ones, doesn’t find any problem following it.

Mantra Sadhana Steps - You will find all steps one by one

Mantra Sadhana Steps

Mantra Sadhana is accepting the power of devshakti in your personality and existence. When a specific sequence of mantra sadhana is completed the consciousness of the seeker familiarizes with the specific stream of the divine power and are then are fully capable of holding and applying this divine stream whenever required.

Mantra Sadhna is a quite complex process. You will find all steps of Mantra sadhana one by one.

Learning the Basic Mantras Chanting 

Learning the Basic Mantras Chanting

Before diving directly to the chanting phase, we must understand the attributes of the mantra, its characteristics, its explanation, proper pronunciation and the voice modulation when chanting.

Pre-Requisites Before Starting the Basic Mantra Chanting

Pre-Requisites Before Starting the Basic Mantra

Here we enlist all the basic requirements before starting any basic mantra chanting. 

There are some pre-requisites for mantra chanting which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the mantra chanting even basic. 

Vashikaran Mantras Guide

Vashikaran Mantras Guide

Find all information about vashikaran mantras, its type and benefits. We enlist 13 vashikaran mantras

Bija Mantra 

Bija Mantra

The Bija Mantras (seed Mantras) in this e-Book are explained beautifully. Find the meaning of very alphabet of Mantra. Know which alphabet stands for which God. Here, you will get benefits of every bija alphabets. 

They are predetermined tools that are designed to attract specific benefits to your life, from protection to health, love and material prosperity.

Why Mantras Fail ??

Why Mantras Fail ??

In this e-book, we have unravelled the mysteries involved in mantra meditation. Through our research and observations, we have outlined all the factors involved for the success our sadhna.

If you are experiencing less to zero results, then this e-book is for you. This e-book reveals the major causes of your mantra failure

You don't just get mantras which take from here and there, you get real knowledge and information.

These are practical ebooks, You learn the correct way of chanting, tips and techniques which our sages taught to common sadhak. Get real and deep information.

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Vijay kumar

I learned many things like how the mantra japa working, how to japa, types of japa, which type of mantra give what benefits

Parveen Kumar

I found the correct information on mantra japa, mantra sadhana. I found many important rituals to make mantra sadhan success.This is a fast, clear and mostly coherent read. written in a simple way to make the process accessable to someone with little or no experience in mantras 


Very highly recommended. I guarantee that these ebooks I will be reading again and again

I get these 3 ebooks in just Rs 99, it’s a very cheap deal, and I get information worth 500

Anju kumar

Very good information in this these ebooks. I learn basic to advance mantra japa. The ebooks have very rare a practical information. Excellent ebooks

Sunny Mahta

I must say please give a try to these ebooks. They are summarizing many books. Its very very cheap and have deep knowledge 

Very deep knowledge in very simple and understanding way. Thank you mantra quest. eBooks cover basic to advance