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Learn Mantra Japa and Mantra Sadhana in very simple way.

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Mantra Sadhana Rituals Guide

Mantra Sadhana Rituals Guide

Rituals for Mantra Sadhana and Mantra Siddhi

We will provide you with the details of all the daily rituals that a sadhak has to do before and after mantra chanting. The book will make you understand the importance of each ritual in the mantra sadhana

Mantra Japa Guide 

Mantra Japa Guide

We explain in this eBook-

What is Mantra Japa 

Types of Mantra Japa

Effects of Mantra Japa on Mind:

Effects of Mantra Japa on Body

Effects of Mantra Japa on Soul

How to Japa

Number of Days to Japa a mantra

Number of times to Japa a mantra

Learning the Basic Mantras Chanting 

Learning the Basic Mantras Chanting

Before diving directly to the chanting phase, we must understand the attributes of the mantra, its characteristics, its explanation, proper pronunciation and the voice modulation when chanting.

If you are a newbie in this field, we will mentor you at every step.

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Yes, We know mantras and vedic knowledge are free for everyone. I now consider it my duty to spread this rare and sacred knowledge to our fellow Indians.

But this is the charge of our efforts, time, hard work and research. 

What people Say about these eBooks

Vijay kumar

I learned many things like how the mantra japa working, how to japa, types of japa, which type of mantra give what benefits

Parveen Kumar

I found the correct information on mantra japa, mantra sadhana. I found many important rituals to make mantra sadhan success.This is a fast, clear and mostly coherent read. written in a simple way to make the process accessable to someone with little or no experience in mantras 


Very highly recommended. I guarantee that these ebooks I will be reading again and again

I get these 3 ebooks in just Rs 99, it’s a very cheap deal, and I get information worth 500

Anju kumar

Very good information in this these ebooks. I learn basic to advance mantra japa. The ebooks have very rare a practical information. Excellent ebooks

Sunny Mahta

I must say please give a try to these ebooks. They are summarizing many books. Its very very cheap and have deep knowledge 

Very deep knowledge in very simple and understanding way. Thank you mantra quest. eBooks cover basic to advance 

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