Effects of Ashtam Shani
Remedies to get over the malefic Shani in 8th house

Transits play a very important role in astrology and are considered very crucial while making the predictions. One such important transit is traversal of Shani in the 8th house from the natal moon or the ascendant and is popularly known as Ashtam Shani.

Since Saturn is a malefic planet which stays in one house for nearly 2.5 years and 8th house is a dusthana house, this transit has the capability to either make or break the native. 

Here in this article, we will try to know more about this placement, its effects and the remedies to overcome this troubling transit.

Now, let us first comprehend the 8th house in astrology and its importance.

ashtam shani

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Significance of 8th house

The 8th bhava in a birth chart represents longevity and death. It stands for sudden events and transformations during the lifetime. Accidents, tragedy and misadventure are another life threatening events that relates to this house.

On the positive side, it also represents unknown and hidden things such as occult practises and astrology. Being 2nd to the 7th house, it is the house of in- laws for a native.

As 8th house is Maraka house, transit of Saturn in it can wrap the native in an ocean of difficulties. We will now see the effects of Shani due to its placement in the Ashtam bhava and its other three aspects on different bhavas.

Effects of Ashtam Shani

Effects of Ashtam Shani

If Saturn is posited in an inimical zodiac in the 8th house, like Scorpio and Aries especially, it can give death like experiences during this time. A native may suffer on account of his health or can develop some chronic diseases which can be damaging to both his mental and physical well- being. 

If the 7th house is also damaged, then a bad transit of Shani can result into frequent quarrels with the spouse and in-laws.

People usually don’t get the support of their in-laws during this period and can have tough time in matters of inheritances.

On the contrary, if Saturn is placed in a benefic zodiac like Taurus & Libra, then the malefic energies experienced will be dampened but it would still be there. People would definitely suffer in the health department but the severity would be less.

Effect of Saturn’s 3rd Aspect

Saturn’s 3rd aspect from its 8th placement falls in the 10th house of career. People would witness hindrances in their career. Native desirous of job promotions and upgrade of position in their work field would be negatively impacted.

Lot of effort would be required even for a simple work and any accomplishments would go unrewarded. This would be a slow period for career growth.

But, if the Saturn is placed in a benefic sign in the 8th house, then gradual developments would be made by the native in their career field. 

Effect of Saturn’s 7th aspect

The effects of Ashtam Shani can also be felt in your family life as a bad Saturn cause disturbances in relationship. There can be lack of peace among the family members. Your accumulated wealth can also get hit during this time especially due to your bad health.

But a benefic Shani can make the native very cautious about his food intake and he would take good care of his health.

People undergoing this transit, usually cut ties from his family members and stay within their own lives.

Effect of Shani’s 10th aspect

This aspect falls on the 5th house of the native. The fun and frivolous life ends and the real struggle begin. People usually fall out of the relationship or their relationships are put to test. This time of 2.5 years is also not conducive to child birth in the family.

Candidates pursuing higher studies can see setbacks during the time of Ashtam Shani.

How to judge the effects of Ashtam Shani?

It seems that this transit brings lot of hurdles in the lives of natives, especially in the matters of health, wealth and career. But a well-placed Shani in the 8th house can make a native health conscious during this time.

It will definitely make you workaholic by denying the results,but the reward of your hard work will be given at the end. It will make you focus on your studies by showing the realities of your friends.

Generally this period is not good for every native irrespective of the ascendant. But in order to know about it, we must check the Ashtvarga points in the chart.

If the 8th house has more than 30 points, then this period will not be less malefic. In case, if it has very less points then remedies should be done to propitiate Shani Dev.

Remedies for Ashtam Shani

  • Chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra. This is one of the best remedy one can do during this time. People who have difficult chanting the mantra should do Maha Mrityunjay Pooja with the help of qualified pandits.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa everyday will also help to mitigate the bad effects.
  • Pour water to Shivling on every Saturday.
  • Offer til or mustard oil to Shani Dev, thereafter light lamps in front of a Peepal tree or Shami tree.
  • Donate black til, black clothes, iron, and foods to the needy.

Ashtam Shani although a tough time for the native makes you focussed in your life and makes you work hard for it.

But Shani Dev never denies you the results and will definitely bestow his blessings at the end of this difficult transit.

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