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Today we talk to Santhosh Kumar Sharma Ji(Achariya ji), He is an Astrologer and an India Brahmin. He is giving his astrology services from 2004. Here you can find more about him. 

So let’s talk to Santhosh Kumar Sharma Ji(Achariya ji)

Santhoshkumar Sharma JiSanthosh kumar Sharma Ji

Mantra Quest: You are giving many free services than other Astrology websites. Please tell us more about your free services.

Achariya ji: I am giving all online services free of cost. My intention is that everyone should know their basic astrology for free and they can pay based on their economical condition and their satisfaction for personalized astrology.

That’s why I have started these free services, janmakundali, marriage matching, panchanga, KP Horoscope, newborn Astrology, Panchapakshi Astrology etc.


Mantra Quest: How you feel now after serving so many years?

Achariya ji: I feel like its God gift as in childhood my aim was something else, but God’s decision is to make me as an astrologer. So, I feel it’s a responsibility which was given by God.

Mantra Quest: What is your favorite book on astrology?

Achariya ji: Its not a single book, as every book gave me some special information and knowledge. My first book in Astrology was a Marathi book, called Jyotirmayukh.

My uncle, who is a priest and astrologer in Mumbai, he gave me that book. I studied in Sanskrit medium so understanding Devanagari script and Sanskrit was easy for me.

So, I started learning Astrology from that book. Next book was Pundit Lakshmi Doss’s Astrology basics book.

After that I read B.V Raman book and KP Books, which show me right path how to analyse birth chart and predict it. In starting stage of my learning, I took birth details of all my relatives and checked their charts which gave me much practical knowledge. 


Mantra Quest: Tell us more about your paid services?

Achariya ji: In starting I used to give many paid Astrology services like Astrology reports, phone, chat consultation, birth time rectification etc,

But now due to workload I have stopped most of my paid services and now giving phone and chat consultation, muhurta, horary astrology and marriage matching services only.


Mantra Quest: What you think about that can people find their every solution in astrology?

Achariya ji: As per my opinion astrology is a guide which shows right path. They main aim of astrology is nullifying our karma. As per me It has solutions for every problem.

Only thing is to tell the proper solution astrologer should be sincere and believer of God and also have power of intuition.


Mantra Quest: Which service you suggest for every normal person like one must needed service that he should take once in life?

Achariya ji: Janmakundali service. As it is basic thing for every human, to have a birth chart.


Mantra Quest: What is the motto of your organization Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham?

Achariya ji: Vedic Astrology for all. As being a Sanskrit Student I never expected I can learn Astrology and run a website.

As It God’s decision to give services all over the world. Being a disabled person, it was not even dreamed about telling Astrology to those who are in far away from me.


Mantra Quest: When you open the Vedic science school?   

Achariya ji: It was my dream to start a Vedic school, but due to my health I have dropped the idea to start a physical school, instead of that I am planning to start a e-school.

Online learning through interactive learning method. Which I am planning may start as soon as possible once I check with some technical persons.


Mantra Quest: Tell us the importance of Mantras in astrology?

Achariya ji: I believe in Vedic remedies only. I rarely suggest gems. Vedic mantras and yagnas give excellent result and it was proved many times.

People who are having delay in marriage, child birth and not having proper career etc got good result once after doing mantra chanting of specific planets and gods.


Mantra Quest: What are your future plans for your blog? How about for you personally?

Achariya ji: At present I am redesigning my website and new version will be available in couple of months.


Mantra Quest: What inspired you to write? Has your inspiration changed over time?

Achariya ji: At present my writings are limited to rashiphal only. Well time change our thinking etc so change in inspiration is common for many. But I don’t have any single person as my inspiration.


Mantra Quest: If a reader would like to get involved with your organization, how do you recommend getting started? Contacting you via your website or social handles?

Achariya ji: yes, they can contact me by mail, phone or social media. I am always available through them.

Here is Achariya's Contact Details.

Thank you Santhosh Kumar Sharma Ji(Achariya ji) to me my interviewee. Best wishes for your future.

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