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  • You should not doubt the teachings of the scriptures. Flickering faith will lead to downfall. A man of weak will, who has no faith in Japa, cannot expect to have progress in the spiritual path. 
  • These books will throw much light on the important subject of Mantra Yoga and the method of attaining perfection through.

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Get All 45 eBooks in Just $97.99

Why you need these eBooks ?

  • Find Mantras for everything 
  • Start Experiencing Amazing Health, Wealth, Career & Relationships

  • In these books you will understand the principal of Mantra and its Japa
  • These are Practical guides to help people with their development in spiritual life through the practice of Mantra.
  • You will learn how mantras can be effectively used to recharge oneself with divine energy, so that the tension of body and mind are gradually reduced.
  • Essential reading for anyone who is serious about practicing of mantra yoga.
  • You will learn simple, practical and powerful techniques to compliment your daily life.
  • If you want learn the ancient science, then these books help you. Our experiences are included in these books so that you may understand how Mantra can help a person through the events of life.
  • The practice of a Mantra can bring to the practitioner realisation of his highest goal though he may not possess knowledge of the meaning of the Mantra.
  • Because we are providing the most ancient and powerful study which helps you cultivates a keen intellect, purify our heart, remove negativity and accelerate spiritual growth.
  • These books can increase our energy and restore physical and emotional balances. How to connect with the Divine though the mantra science is explained.
  • The subject of our books are such that they will become a vade mecum for all seekers on the path. We cannot think of other books on the subject so handy and exhaustive to be placed in the hands of Sadhakas.

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Why should you buy our eBooks?

  • Our books will focus on the art of using mantra science. They will guide us with some simple techniques to enhance our spiritual practice.
  • Our books are easy, practical and scientific
  • Our books are relevant for everyone for creating the greater harmony and well-being that we are all seeking.
  • Over the past few decades, we have written several books on different aspects of Yogic knowledge, and Vedic astrology, in which we have alluded to various mantras and their application. At the same time, we were conducting research for books devoted entirely to the subject of mantra, which has now come to fruition.
  • We have tried to distill what is most essential and easiest to apply from that greater study and placed it in the present volume.
  • Yet the bundle is not meant simply as a list of books or mantras. It contains an examination of the profound philosophy behind mantra and the important rules of attitude and application necessary to follow in order to allow mantras to work in the best possible manner.

Why you are giving these eBooks in bundle?

The books in this bundle are methodically arranged to suit the conveniences of readers and provide a graduated series of lessons on this significant aspect of Mantra-Sastra, Mantra Science, Mantra Yoga, Japa Science, Japa yoga, Mantra Sadhana and Sidhi

Get 45 eBooks in Just $97.99

- Book Description -

What is Mantra- Book

what is mantra
  • The origin of Mantra
  • Where did mantras come from?
  • Definition of a mantra
  • Guidelines For Sadhaka
  • Do mantras really work?
  • How does Mantra work?
  • Four Fundamental Things You Should Know and Do Before Doing Mantras
  • 8 easy steps to prepare for Mantra Chanting, a fantastic journey of abundance using the spiritual science

Classification of Mantras

Classification of Mantras
  • In this book we explain all Categories and types of Mantras. you can find all information about Categories of mantras
  • Explain Vedic Mantras
  • Saguna (with form)
  • Nirguna (without form)
  • Shantikaran Mantras
  • Vashikaran Mantras
  • Stambhan Mantras
  • Vidveshan Mantras
  • Uchchattan Mantras, Maran Mantras, Bija (seed), Saguna (with form), Nirguna (without form).

Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga
  • The Book is an examination of the profound philosophy behind mantra and the important rules of attitude and application necessary to follow in order to allow mantras to work in the best possible manner.
  • What is Mantra Yoga and how it work
  • Awakening a higher intelligence
  • Understand the psychological and spiritual effects of Mantra Yoga
  • Rules, regulations, types and methods of Mantra Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga-Nada and the Yoga of Sound

Mantra and karma

Mantra and karma
  • With help of this book you can remove your bad Karmas
  • In this Book you will learn the right use of mantra, we can call upon the benefic powers of the universe to bring us the higher karmas that we are seeking and to remove the lower karmas that afflict us.
  • Mantra is perhaps the main tool we have for optimizing our karma in life.

Mantra and Healing

Mantra and Healing
  • Learn how you heal yourself with Mantra Yoga
  • Know the healing power of Mantras.
  • Mantras can have a healing effect by releasing the emotions and bringing about a state of calmness and deep relaxation both in the chanter and in anyone listening.

Mantra Science

Mantra Science
  • Know How Mantra works?
  • Know Science behind Mantra
  • This Book contains the science and working principals of mantras.
  • This book makes your trust and faith stronger after knowing the exact Mantra Science

Mantra and Brain

Mantra and Brain
  • Understand Effects of Mantra on Brain

Mantra & Initiation

Mantra & Initiation
  • Know what is Mantra & Initiation?
  • Understand the Importance of Initiation
  • Mantra-Diksha
  • Commitments
  • Benefits
  • Rules

Energizing Your Mantras

Energizing Your Mantras
  • Learn How to Energizing Mantras.
  • Mantras require the proper energization for them to work in the best possible manner.
  • How to awaken and empower the mantra is one of the most important considerations in the usage of any mantra.
  • In this book, we will explore the main methods and approaches for doing this. One must bring life to the mantra, which is to make the mantra not only part of your personal life but of the universal life around you.

Mantra and Pranayama

  • Amplify Your Mantra Power with Pranayama
  • Methods of using mantra with the breath
  • Try prana predominant
  • Uniting prana, our power of action, with the mind, our power of knowledge, integrates us back into the source of our being
  • Prana gives Shakti to the mantra and makes it alive and vibrating within our entire body Pranayama and mantra naturally go together and work best in combination.

Mantra in your Life

  • Bring Quality into Your Life
  • Know How mantra change your life
  • Why we should Mantras
  • Refine your senses so that you may become more receptive to the Most High
  • How Mantra change your life

Mantra Practice Guide

Mantra Practice Guide
  • Explore Mantra Practice and their effects
  • Find types of Mantra Practice
  • Know how to do these Mantra Practices
  • How specific Mantra Practice work
  • Know how should choose mantras for practice

Mantra Guide

Mantra Guide
  • Learn How to Use the Mantra.
  • This book guides you that how can use Mantra, we explain the ways of using Mantras.
  • Find rules and principals of using Mantras

The Guru

  • Is a Guru Necessary for Mantra Chanting?
  • Know Everything About Guru Selection Whom shall I choose as my Guru?
  • Guru and Diksha
  • Devotion To Guru

Why Mantra Fail??

Why Mantra Fail??
  • Know the Reasons Behind Your Mantra Failure & the Ways to Tackle It
  • In this e-book, we have unravelled the mysteries involved in mantra meditation.
  • Through our research and observations, we have outlined all the factors involved for the success our sadhna.
  • If you are experiencing less to zero results, then this e-book is for you. This e-book reveals the major causes of your mantra failure

Mantra Purascharana

Mantra Purascharana
  • What is a purascharana?
  • Method of Mantra-Purascharana
  • Gayatri-Purascharana
  • Rules, regulation, diet and benefits of Mantra Purascharana

Complete Mantra Anushthana Guide

Complete Mantra Anushthana Guide
  • Find the methods, types, rules, time tables, diet and benefits

Practice of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Practice of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
  • Find Everything about Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra in Details
  • Understand the meaning of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
  • Find Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra chanting Techniques and Their Benefits

OM Namah Shivaya Guide

OM Namah Shivaya Guide
  • OM Namah Shivaya Practice Guide
  • Find Everything about OM Namah Shivaya in Details
  • Understand the meaning of OM Namah Shivaya
  • Find OM Namah Shivaya chanting Techniques and Their Benefits

The Gayatri Mantra Guide

The Gayatri mantra
  • The Gayatri mantra - The Mother of Vedas
  • Learn how Gayatri mantra change your life in No time

The Complete Bija Mantra Guide

  • The Bija Mantras (seed Mantras) in this e-Book are explained beautifully.
  • Find the meaning of very alphabet of Mantra.
  • Know which alphabet stands for which God.
  • Here, you will get benefits of every bija alphabets.
  • They are predetermined tools that are designed to attract specific benefits to your life, from protection to health, love and material prosperity.

Om Mantra Practice Guide

Om Mantra Practice Guide
  • Find Everything about OM Mantra in Details
  • Understand the meaning of Om
  • Find OM Mantra Mediation Techniques and Their Benefits
  • Know how Om Mantra Chants Work on The Soul, Body and Life

Japa Yoga

Japa Yoga
  • Philosophy of Japa Yoga - Understand the science of Japa Yoga

Japa Vadhana

Japa Vadhana
  • Learn everything about Japa Yoga in details
  • Rules for Japa
  • Practical methods of Japa
  • Selection of Ishta Devata
  • Brahmamuhurta

Practical Ajapa japa Guide

Practical Ajapa japa Guide
  • Learn Practical methods of Ajapa Japa
  • Learn Advance Mantra meditation
  • Rules and precaution

Likhita Japa – Mantra Writing

Likhita Japa – Mantra Writing
  • Likhita Japa – Mantra Writing
  • An easy, practical and scientific form of Yoga for modern busy people

Mantra Yoga and Japa Yoga - Q n A

Mantra Yoga and Japa Yoga - Q n A
  • Find More Than 100 Questions and Their Answer About Mantra and Japa Yoga

Mantra Sadhana & Sidhhi Guide

Mantra Sadhana & Sidhhi Guide
  • Understand the science of Mantra Sadhana & Sidhhi Guide

Fundamental Requirements of a Mantra Sadhana

Fundamental Requirements of a Mantra Sadhana
  • The book enlists all the basic requirements of Mantra Sadhana such as asana, posture, mudra, time and other details.
  • The mentor will guide you through each of the requirements and the ways to do it..

How to Get Success in Mantra Sadhana

  • This Book will also help a new seeker to get motivated and venture into the ocean of mantra sadhana. Any of the mental block and hurdles that a seeker has will be cleared out in this part.
  • The successful completion of your mantra sadhna depends on various factors. But among them, there are few factors that are of paramount significance.
  • In this book, we will be discussing these crucial factors briefly and understand as how do they affect your sadhana results.

Learn the Basic Mantra Chanting

Learn the Basic Mantra Chanting
  • Before diving directly to the chanting phase, we must understand the attributes of the mantra, its characteristics, its explanation, proper pronunciation and the voice modulation when chanting.

Mantra Sadhana Rituals Guide

  • Rituals for Mantra Sadhana and Mantra Siddhi
  • We will provide you with the details of all the daily rituals that a sadhak has to do before and after mantra chanting.
  • The book will make you understand the importance of each ritual in the mantra sadhana

Mantra Sadhana Check list

Mantra Sadhana Check list
  • Mantra Sadhana is accepting the power of devshakti in your personality and existence.
  • You will find all steps of Mantra sadhana one by one.

Mantra Chanting Work Book

Mantra Chanting Work Book
  • The rituals involved in mantra sadhna may range from simple to complex. So for our devoted seekers, we have made Step Instructions work book for the completion of each ritual.
  • So simply, start following.
  • Every ritual is shown in small steps, so that the seeker, especially the new ones, doesn’t find any problem following it.

Everyday Rituals Work Book

Everyday Rituals Work Book
  • Here we enlist all the basic requirements before starting any basic mantra chanting.
  • There are some pre-requisites for mantra chanting which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the mantra chanting even basic.

Rules & Guidelines

Shabar Mantras Guide

  • In this book you will find what is Shabar Mantras, how they work and their working principal.
  • You will also find rare Shabar Mantras Collection, their benefits, use, rules and precautions.

Rare Mahakali Mantras - Abolish your all issues

Rare Mahakali Mantras
  • Rare Mahakali Mantras 
  • Most Powerful Mantras Collection
  • Find All Maha Kali Mantras
  • Bhadrakali Mantra

Rare Durga Mantras Collection

Rare Durga Mantras Collection
  • Find rare durga mantras
  • How to chant
  • Goddess Annapurna
  • Annapurna Mantras
  • Kamakhya Devi Mantras
  • Goddess Lakshmi Mantras
  • Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
  • Saraswati Mantras
  • Powerful Bhairavi Mantras

Vashikaran Mantras Guide

Vashikaran Mantras Guide
  • Rare Vashikaran Mantras Collection and Their Use, Find all information about vashikaran mantras, its type and benefits. We enlist 13 powerful vashikaran mantras

The Mantra Quest Guide

The Mantra Quest Guide
  • Explain more than 80 Mantras

Mahadasha Guide – Understand the basics

  • Know How Mahadasha Rule on Your life and Your Future
  • Understanding Mahadasha and its basis
  • Timing of events in Mahadasha
  • Rahu Mahadasha
  • Shani Mahadasha
  • Shani Sade Sati

Rahu & His Mantra Guide

  • Find all About Rahu and His Mantras and Remedies
  • Rahu Mantras
  • Remedies of Rahu
  • The Pros & Cons of Rahu in 2nd house

Shani Dev – Know Everything About him

Shani Dev
  • Shani Dev and His Mantra Guide
  • Benefic effects of Shani
  • Remedies
  • How to please Shani Dev
  • Effects of Ashtam Shani

Get All These 45 eBooks in Just $97.99

Why we are selling these eBooks in just $97.99

  • We want give most ancient and powerful study at minimum cost. It’s not about selling it’s about spreading the ancient knowledge.
  • All these books are very important for a seeker, and then we decided that it should reach the needy people in the least price. The cost of one book in this bundle is approximately $2
  • The publications of these books are the result of many years preparation, involving the patience, time, and energy of a team of individuals who have both knowingly and unknowingly made their contributions.
  • There have been many others who have given encouragement and financial assistance. In the actual production of the books, the high quality of the editors and designers is evidence of their dedication to the Work.

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