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Learn Mantra practice in accordance with the Shastra
September 26, 2021

Learn Mantra practice in accordance with the Shastra

Mantra Quest Team offer you a bundle of 45 eBooks

Our books will focus on the art of using mantra science. They will guide us with some simple techniques to enhance our spiritual practice.

Our books are easy, practical and scientific

Our books are relevant for everyone for creating the greater harmony and well-being that we are all seeking.

Over the past few decades, we have written several books on different aspects of Yogic knowledge, and Vedic astrology, in which we have alluded to various mantras and their application. At the same time, we were conducting research for books devoted entirely to the subject of mantra, which has now come to fruition.

We have tried to distill what is most essential and easiest to apply from that greater study and placed it in the present volume.

Yet the bundle is not meant simply as a list of books or mantras. It contains an examination of the profound philosophy behind mantra and the important rules of attitude and application necessary to follow in order to allow mantras to work in the best possible manner.

Find More about this Mantra Bundle Here - 45 eBooks Mantra Bundle

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