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Product which change your Mantra Journey forever
February 03, 2020

Namaste to All Mantra Chanter and Sadhaks

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Mantras failed for them as their pronunciation was not up to mark. Yes, a correct pronunciation is the key for mantras to work.

Only a flawless pronunciation coupled with constant recitation will make the mantras operable and effective.

A perfect rhythm of the mantras can create a link between your soul and the divine cosmic vibrations.

If the sound is distorted, the sound produced due to chanting will be nothing, but only an undirected energy in the Universe.

Vedic Mantras are primordial sounds which were revealed to our seers in their deepest meditation and for ages these mantras were transmitted orally to the people.

Later in the Vedic era, these mantras were chronicled and registered in the holy Vedas in the Sanskrit language. So, Sanskrit became the language of these mystical mantras.

Sanskrit, the language of Vedas, is the only language where these mantras can produce the original sound. It is the language of the Gods and the Universe and is considered highly sacred.

The frequency of the mantras uttered in Sanskrit houses all the sounds that have existed in the Universe, during the times of its Creation.

Therefore, knowledge of Sanskrit is quite crucial in Vedic Mantra chanting.

Although, we know about the importance of Sanskrit in mantra chanting, we aren’t able to pronounce the words correctly.

Hope you might all agree to it?

Even the transliteration of these mantras doesn’t help us and we are prone to making mistakes while chanting.

But why does this happen?

Why are we not able to chant the Sanskrit mantras correctly?

Sanskrit language has a complex grammar which involves a perfect movement of lips and tongue, followed with the exhalation and inhalation of breath.

If the movements are not synchronised, the uttered voice will not be perfect. Moreover, the transliterated form in English is also not capable to help us recite the mantras correctly.

How can we learn the perfect pronunciation of these divine syllables?

After understanding the problems faced by the seekers, especially the newbies, we have uniquely crafted out an ingenious audio product that will help you to learn about the Vedic mantras and the correct ways of chanting.

Our audio product on mantras is so designed that you will be able to learn the correct pronunciation with ease and that too within a short time frame.

Hope our product "Audio Library of Vedic Mantras" brings about the most magnificent transformation that you have been waiting for

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