Powerful Bhairavi Mantras to Scrap All Your Negativities &Struggles

Life is a constant cycle of creations and destructions. This process of creation and destruction is natural loop and hence cannot be avoided. This transformation usually brings a lot of power struggles in a person’s life. 

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As a human being, we generally appreciate the creation but fail to accept that destruction is inevitable. We cringe about destruction, we cry for it; but creation without destruction is not possible.  In fact, destruction becomes the basis of forming something new.

Similarly, a great cycle of destruction takes place in a person’s life. Like, we lose our loved ones, we are fired from our jobs, and we go through heartbreaks and failure of relationships. Indeed, these events in a person’s life are heart wrenching but these events sows the seeds to a new beginning. We get a new job, we find a new love and a new birth takes in our families. 

So, the transformation phase is most problematic and gives us a lot of struggles. But these struggles help us to improve our physical and mental strength. We become more enlightened by adapting to changes.

Are you one of those facing power struggles in your life? Or is anyone deliberately causing troubles in your life?

You might be brooding over your failed relationship? Or problems in your job are not letting you sleep?

Struggles might also creep in due to evil eyes and black magic done by your enemies. Are you feeling negative energies in your life? Feeling of being trapped in a pragmatic situation is also a sign of negative energy.

If you are struggling in any matters of your life whatsoever, then read this post on Bhairavi Mantras. These mantras have tremendous energies to ward off all your struggles and give you a new beginning in your life.

First of all, let us know about Mata Bhairavi.

Mata Bhairavi is the fiercest form of Mahakali and rules over destruction. As she has the immense power to destroy anything, she is considered to be a “Destruction Goddess”.  She is also known as Tripur Bhairavi as she commands destruction in heaven, earth and hades. The word Tripur also signifies the three components of existence i.e. creation, sustenance and destruction and therefore Bhairavi Maa has all the power of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh.

Among the 10 Mahavidyas, she is considered to be 6th form of Adi Shakti and helps a sadhak to attain hidden knowledges of occult and mysticism. Mata Bhairavi is the consort of Bhairava, the fierce form of Lord Shiva. She is often described as a four-hand Goddess, sitting on a lotus, cladded in red clothes. Her two hands consist of rosary and holy texts and the other two hands are in Abhay mudra Varade mudra. Sometimes, she is also descried as holding a sword and a bowl of blood in two hands and the remaining two hands are in blessing mudra. She represents the Shakti which causes Shiva to annihilate the world. She brings about a new beginning by destroying evils in a person’s life.

Now let us see some powerful Tripur Bhairavi mantras.

Mool Bhairavi Mantra- For Destruction of Obstacles

Mool Bhairavi Mantra- For Destruction of Obstacles


• Chanting of this mantra can uproot all obstacles from your path. Be it your career, love, relationship and etc.

• Enemies and people with malicious intentions can never harm you when you start chanting the mantras.

• It protects the devotee from sudden events and accidents.

• Tripur Bhairavi mantras can make you more beautiful and charismatic.

Tripur Bhairavi Gayatri Mantra- For Achieving Prosperity

Mantra: “Aum Tripurayi Vidmahe Mahabhairavyai Dhimahi Tanno Devi Prachodayat”


• Upon chanting of this mantra, a person is blessed with all the comforts of life. The devotee does well in all his pursuits and luck favours him.

• This mantra can be chanted by people who are looking for a beautiful spouse. This mantra also gives timely marriage.

• It can cause all the struggles and miseries to end.

• People with progeny problems can chant this mantra for begetting a child.

Ashtakashari Bhairavi Mantra- For Protection Against Negative Energies

Mantra: “Hasaim Haskarim Hasain”


• Chanting of this mantra can help you get rid of the negative energies such as black magic and occults.

• This mantra can also be chanted to hypnotize a person.

• Upon chanting this mantra, one can experience a rise in Kundalini energy. 

• This mantra can literally make your enemies land in an ocean of troubles.

How to Chant?

Mata Bhairavi mantras are very powerful, so one should be cautious while meditating on her mantras. Let us see the steps in chanting.

• The best time of starting Tripur Bhairavi sadhna is from Tuesdays. It can be started during Navratri or Gupt Navratri. You should chant the mantras during midnight.

• Place Maa Bhairavi pictures and its yantra on pooja table covered with red cloth.

• Light mustard oil lamp or til oil before the picture.

• Offer red flowers and sweets to Mata Bhairavi.

• Before starting on the mantra chanting, meditate on Maa Bhairavi.

• Always face North while meditating and chanting the Tripur Bhairavi mantras.

• Use red coral mala or Rudraksha mala for chanting the mantras.

• At least, you should chant 125000 mantras in a span of 41 days.

• Perform fire ritual after completing the chant.

• Offer food and donation to the poor.

Note: One should avoid taking Tamsik foods (meat, fish, egg, onion, garlic and etc.) during the Bhairavi sadhna. Besides, you should maintain complete celibacy during the entire period of your meditation.

Although MataBhairavi represents destruction; but some destructions are good for the sustenance and existence of the mankind. So start chanting the Tripur Bhairavi mantras to destroy the negativities in your life.

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