Aim Mantra- For Intelligence & Sharpness of Mind

Intelligence is one of the greatest virtues of a human being, often praised in our societies.

Obviously, we don’t want a dull and a confused mind. We always want to make the best and intellectual decision for ourselves.

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We also come across parents who either rave about their kid’s intelligence or brood over their blunt mind. As a parent, we understand the pain when we see that our kids are not mentally capable in comparison to their peers.

A strong, sound and intelligent mind is the need of the hour for today’s kid in order to surpass the neck break competition in the educational field. 

Do you feel that your kids don’t have a sharp brain? 

Is your child having a bad memory that is continuously affecting his career?

Might be your kid hasn’t grown up mentally?

If you are facing the above problems, then keep reading this solution-oriented piece that can work out wonders for your child. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you again to a powerful monosyllabic mantra called as Aim. Yes, this is a single syllable and a very intense beej mantra. Sometimes, it is also written as Aiyem.

This mantra, besides being very useful to the students can also benefit adults who are into the profession of arts and creativity. People into the research field will also benefit greatly with this sacred syllable.

Of course, who doesn’t want to be intelligent and excel in their pursuits? 

Common sense and a presence of mind is one of the attractive qualities of a human being and we all want it.


So, let us understand the Aim mantra and look at the benefits.

What is Aim Mantra?

As mentioned earlier, Aim or Aiyem is a single syllabled mantra which doesn’t have a meaning but the sound that is being produced by chanting of this mono-syllable has the capability to clear ignorance in a person’s life.

This bija mantra is related to Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. It is a feminine energy and houses powerful vibrations of Shakti- the eternal creator of the life.

Chanting of this mantra helps to invoke the inner consciousness of ourselves and help us to work in synchronisation with the Universe.

As Goddess Saraswati rules over all the creativity, knowledge, arts and articulation, chanting of Aim mantra can prove to be useful in all these fields.

It is also known as the Vaag beej- the seed mantra of sound.

The word “Aim” is composed of “Ai-meaning Saraswati” & “Mm- means removal of sorrows”. This beej translates to – “O Goddess Saraswati, bless us with your knowledge and remove our sorrows”

ॐ  ऐं  नमः  

om Aim Namah

Benefits of Chanting 

  • Chanting of “Aim” increases the memory power by improving the brain functions. Have a poor memory? Chant this mantra and see for yourself.

  • It helps to improve the cognitive abilities and logical powers of the brain. Your presence of mind and common sense will gradually improve and you will be able to make the best decisions in your lives.

  • Having a bad academic track record? Or facing difficulties in your further education? Don’t worry!! Chanting of Aim mantra can prove very useful in your academic goals.

  • It can help you rise high from the material pursuits and can make you reach to the top of the higher consciousness- the state of pure being unattached to worldly pleasures and desires.

  • Are you into arts, music & culture field? Want to improve your creative abilities? Chant the mantras and witness the change in your career.

  • It is very helpful for teachers, professors, scientists and researchers who have to disseminate large amounts of data.

  •  Aim mantra helps to improve the Mercury planet in your horoscope. If you have afflicted or badly placed Mercury, chanting can help mitigate its bad effects.

  • Have problems in conversation? Or do you stammer while speaking? Chanting of this Vaagbeej can improve your oratory skills.

  • Last but not the least, it helps to improve your respiratory system and clears out any congestion in the lungs.

Did you find the above benefits useful? If you have found it useful, then you can start chanting Aim mantra for your benefits.

How to chant?

  • Auspicious Time: Chant the mantras during the morning after getting fully cleaned.

  • Auspicious Day: You should initiate chanting of these mantras during Navratri period. You can also start chanting starting from Thursdays.

  • Direction: Always face East or North East during chanting.

  • Asana: Use a woollen white asana for sitting during the meditation.

  • No. of counts: You should do 1.25 lakhs of mantra in a span of 41 days. A student should do 11 malas daily.

  • Mala: Sphatik Mala is best for chanting the “Aim” mantras. 

  • Meditate on Goddess Saraswati after completing your everyday chants.

  • Once you complete the total mantra count, you should perform the sacred fire ritual.

Aim Mantra helps you attain knowledge and divine wisdom. It opens your inner consciousness to spirituality and enlightenment. 

Stay tuned, we will be uploading several other powerful beej mantras that can improve your life. Till then, keep loving and keep sharing.

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