Maa Annapurna Mantra- Attracting Sustenance & Abundance

Want to know about the “Annapurna Mantra”? 

There are many different mantras that are chanted to please this “Food Goddess”. Here are a few of the powerful mantras that can help you attain prosperity and abundance in your lives.

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Annapurna mantra

Annapurna Gayatri Mantra for Good Food & Prosperity

ॐ भगवते विद्महे महेशवर्यि धिमहि तन्नो अन्नपूर्ण प्रचोदयात 

OM Bhagvate Vidmahe, Maheshawaryi Dhimahi Tanno Annapurna Prachodayat

Benefits of Chanting:

  • Chanting of this mantra is like paying respect to “Anna” and it should be chanted before eating.
  • Upon chanting of this mantra, your store house/kitchen will always be laden with grains and eatables.
  • It brings prosperity and ambience in your house.
  • Restaurant and food outlet owners should chant this mantra so as to gain popularity in the food industry.

Annapurna Beej Mantra for Abundance

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं अन्नपूर्ण स्वाहा 

OM Hreem Shreem Kleem Annapurna Swaha

Benefits of Chanting:

  • It increases your physical and mental health.
  • It increase the crop yield and productivity in the farms.

Ancient Annapurna Mantra for Satisfaction & Completeness

अन्नपूर्ण सदा पूर्णे शंकर प्राणवल्लभे  

ज्ञान वैराग्य सिद्ध्यथं भिक्षां देहि च पार्वति 

Annapurna Sada Purne Shankara Praanvallabhe

Jnana Vairagya Siddhyatham Bhikashaam Dehi Cha Parvati

Benefits of Chanting:

  • No food related problems will take place upon chanting of this mantra
  • his provides satisfaction and completeness upon eating the food.
  • It also induces a sense of renunciation and a feeling of charity.

How to Chant?

Auspicious Time: Annapurna mantra should be chanted early in the morning after taking bath. It would be best if the homemaker of the family chants this mantra before entering into the kitchen.

Best Day: You can start chanting the Annapurna mantra starting from Navratri or from a full moon day. You can also start chanting the mantra from Fridays or Mondays.

Direction: Always chant facing East, North and North East direction.

Number of Chants: You should chant at least one mala of this mantra for a period of 41 days to attain siddhi.

Malas: You should always use malas made of lotus seeds to chant.

Asana: Use red woollen asana for sitting during the mantra sadhna

Clothes: Only wear red or yellow clothes.

Offerings/Pooja Samagris: You should offer scented flower, bel patra ( bilwa leaves), sweetened rice and sweets to the Goddess

Note: You should not eat non-veg foods, onion and garlic, if you want to attain siddhi over the Annapurna Mantras. Ladies should restrain from chanting during the menstrual cycle.

Maa Annapurna is the Goddess of plenty and a provider of life. Keep chanting the Annapurna mantras and feel the power of her blessings.  If you have some bad yogas in your birth chart like the Vish Yoga,Daridra yoga, or Guru Chandal yoga, then chanting these mantra would be quite beneficial to get over these bad effects.

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