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Do You Want to Know What is Inside of this Library?

Mantra Audio Library in One Sight

  • We have a large collection of more than 150 Vedic mantras in our digital library
  • This is the largest online portal ever on sacred mantras with their correct transliteration and perfect pronunciation
  • Audio pronunciation of each mantra 
  • Transliteration in English and Sanskrit Languages 
  • Find how to use mantra
  • Benefits of Each mantra 
  • Find how to chant, where and when to chant
  • How many repetition of each mantra
  • Life time access of this product
  • Adding more mantras every month
  • 24/7 support 

A seeker can simply select one of the mantras as per their problems and start learning its correct pronunciation.

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If you aren’t able to find the mantras of your choice or your requirements are not mentioned in the list, then put your query in the help and support section.

Our team will reply you back within 48 hours. 

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What are the Problems We Face While Mantra Chanting or Meditation?

Mantras failed for them as their pronunciation was not up to mark. Yes, a correct pronunciation is the key for mantras to work. 

Only a flawless pronunciation coupled with constant recitation will make the mantras operable and effective.

A perfect rhythm of the mantras can create a link between your soul and the divine cosmic vibrations.

If the sound is distorted, the sound produced due to chanting will be nothing, but only an undirected energy in the Universe.

Vedic Mantras are primordial sounds which were revealed to our seers in their deepest meditation and for ages these mantras were transmitted orally to the people.

Later in the Vedic era, these mantras were chronicled and registered in the holy Vedas in the Sanskrit language. So, Sanskrit became the language of these mystical mantras. 

Sanskrit, the language of Vedas, is the only language where these mantras can produce the original sound. It is the language of the Gods and the Universe and is considered highly sacred.

The frequency of the mantras uttered in Sanskrit houses all the sounds that have existed in the Universe, during the times of its Creation.

Therefore, knowledge of Sanskrit is quite crucial in Vedic Mantra chanting.

Although, we know about the importance of Sanskrit in mantra chanting, we aren’t able to pronounce the words correctly.

Hope you might all agree to it?

Even the transliteration of these mantras doesn’t help us and we are prone to making mistakes while chanting.

But why does this happen?

Why are we not able to chant the Sanskrit mantras correctly?

Sanskrit language has a complex grammar which involves a perfect movement of lips and tongue, followed with the exhalation and inhalation of breath.

If the movements are not synchronised, the uttered voice will not be perfect. Moreover, the transliterated form in English is also not capable to help us recite the mantras correctly. 

Numerous treatises have been written on orthoepy of mantras.

Here we are listing some pivotal factors that can affect the sound emanated from chanting


Until and unless you understand the grammar of the Sanskrit language, a correct intonation of the syllables is almost impossible. The transliterated document in English for these mantras is not up to the mark for the correct pronunciation.

It is quite probable that most of you wouldn’t be able to correctly spell the syllables. A correct pronunciation requires the right knowledge of the alphabets, vowels and diphthongs.


The force that we exert while uttering the syllables is also important. Some syllables require an abrupt force, while some syllables require a diminishing force.

We find sadhaks stressing on the syllables as per their wish and this is totally wrong. We have to constantly modulate our voices from low pitch to high pitch and vice-versa while chanting the mantras.


While chanting a mantra, metering is again a crucial factor. You cannot chant the mantras by clubbing different syllables at one go. Almost all mantras have different metres and consist of a specific set of letters.

Most of the Sanskrit mantras that we find over the internet lack this metering feature. Metering of mantras also indirectly specifies the gap between each syllable.


Once you take carer of the intonation, stress and metering while chanting the mantras, a correct tune of the recitation will emanate. A perfect tune or perfect rhythm is the ultimate requirement of mantra chanting. You simply cannot create your own tune of chanting.

Ok ! But Why You Need This Product?

During the ancient days, chanting mantras flawlessly was not a difficult task as the mantras were transferred and taught orally by the sages to their disciples. 

But as of today, learning mantras from a Vedic scholar is almost impossible. There is a dearth of spiritual masters who have the correct knowledge about Vedic mantras.

Most of the times, people seek help from meditation or spiritual centres, but usually it doesn’t works out.

Meditation centres and spiritual classes although have outgrown in large numbers, but they have merely turned to money minting businesses.

So, what should one do? 

How can we learn the perfect pronunciation of these divine syllables?

After understanding the problems faced by the seekers, especially the newbies, we have uniquely crafted out an ingenious audio product that will help you to learn about the Vedic mantras and the correct ways of chanting.

Our audio product on mantras is so designed that you will be able to learn the correct pronunciation with ease and that too within a short time frame.

Let us gain an insight to our audio product.

Salient Features of Our Product

Extensive Collection of Mantras: We have a large collection of more than 150 Vedic mantras in our digital library. Some of these mantras are completely exclusive and are rare to be found on the internet.

Infact, this is the largest online portal ever on sacred mantras with their correct transliteration and perfect pronunciation. 

Accurate Pronunciation: Our audio recordings are done by a voice expert under the tutelage of Vedic scholars and temple saints, so you are definitely going to get the perfect pronunciation of all the mantras.

So feel free that you will learn the best through our product.

Clear & Crisp Recording: All our recording engineers and technicians have done their best to provide you with a perfect and garbled free recording.

You won’t experience any background noise or device noises while listening to the cosmic sounds.

Transliteration Available in English: For ease of our clients, mainly the Westerners, we have provided the transliterated text of Sanskrit mantras.

So, if you aren’t having knowledge of Sanskrit, you can simply read out the English adaptation of the verses. The transliterated documents have been created with much care and high accuracy.

Variable Speed Control: A meditator has the ability to control the speed of the audio as this will help them to understand the pronunciations even better.

Therefore, most of the multi-syllabled mantras have variable speed control available.

Interactive Learning: Once you have the audio of the mantras and its transliterated text, you can practise learning the mantras without much trouble.

Variable control of speed will also aid you in understanding the details of the pronunciation.

Compatible across Devices: All the audio formats of Vedic Mantras are capable to be played across all the devices, irrespective of their OS and architectural design.

So, simply plug and enjoy the divine vibration.

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Benefits of Our Product

Remote Learning: Now, you don’t need to travel through landscapes and geographical locations for learning the Vedic Mantras.

Now no need to attend the religious centres and spiritual classes. With our mantra audio library, you can simply sit at the comfort of your office and home and get the best learning experience.

Intensive Learning: Our audio product on mantras is truly world class and will help you learn the mantras and its pronunciation with high accuracy and much detail.

We have designed the audio library in a way that even an amateur in mantra meditation can become an expert chanter.

Freedom of Learning: Our product helps you to learn at your free time, so no need to re-schedule your daily life routine.

Just start learning, whenever the time permits. Obviously, we don’t want our clients to miss their deadlines at work.

Learning on the Go: Most of the seekers have a tight schedule, either due to their job or due to their families.

No worries!!

You can listen and learn the Vedic mantras, while you are driving or travelling. So, you can utilise your free time in learning the mantras.

Mantras for All: Vedic mantras are for everyone, whether you have a secular or religious approach in your life.

Although these mantras have a Vedic origin, not all the mantras have a religious outlook.

So, don’t hesitate to listen and learn the Vedic hymns, even if you have a different religious background.

Mantras for Every Problem: Vedic Mantras have the capability to alleviate all your problems, be it physical, emotional, personal or professional. Mantras are used for fulfilling one’s wishes, for healing and for spiritual ascension.

Besides, these Vedic mantras are also used for Chakra cleansing. So, use these sacred syllables as per your wish and requirements.

Enjoy the Cosmic Sound Bath: Vedic Mantras are numinous sounds, which upon listening can calm down your nerves and provide you with a sense of tranquillity.

These holy sounds have tremendous capability to uplift your mood by removing all your mental anxieties.

Some of the problems like stress, high blood pressure, anxiety and nervous disorders can be easily treated with these cosmic sounds. Try it once to believe it.

Cheap & Effective: With the awareness of sonic healing and mantra therapy, people have resorted to listening and chanting of Vedic mantras for their sanative purposes.

These mantras have become one of the most cost effective tools for many of our health problems. Apart from it, it can help you climb the ladders of spirituality in a short time.

A seeker can simply select one of the mantras as per their problems and start learning its correct pronunciation. If you aren’t able to find the mantras of your choice or your requirements are not mentioned in the list, then put your query in the help and support section. Our team will reply you back within 48 hours.

We know our audio product on mantras is a perfect match for your daily needs. Besides, being a spiritual tool for alleviating your adversities, it has the potential to boost the positive energies of your surroundings. 

For seekers, who are willing to purchase our audio product, you can move to the payment page of our online portal. We have multiple payment facilities in place where you can swiftly make the transactions.

Hope our product brings about the most magnificent transformation that you have been waiting for. 

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