Bhadrakali Mantra for Victory & Opulence

In our previous posts, we have introduced you to the most ferocious form of Mata Parvati (Adi Shakti) – Mahakali.

Mahakali is the divine consort of Mahakaal (Lord Shiva) and has taken numerous forms to destroy the demons and remove evils from this world. 

Mahakali is often personified in a terrible form, bursting in a rage of anger, blood thirsty and wielding sword to kill the demons.

Isn’t it? This is the form of Ugra (ferocious) Kali which rules over destruction and is known to kill the demons.

But did you know that Mahakali also has a tender and motherly nature through which she takes care of her devotees suffering from problems and struggles?

Yes, she looks after us like our own mother. This is a saumya (comforting) form of Maa Kali and is often known as Bhadrakali.

Bhadrakali Mantra

She nurtures and cares just like a mother does. The word Bhadrakali means “the good Kaali” and is known to bestow fortune and good luck to her worshippers.

Right from Devi Purana, Kalika Purana, Markandey Purana & Shiva Purana; we find different references of Maa Bhadrakali, killing the powerful demons like Ruru, Daksha, Mahisasur & Daruka.

With her fierce nature and her great valour she has preserved the Universe and her worshippers. In a similar manner she protects all her devotees from bad and evil forces and assures victory in their efforts.

If you are having any obstacles in your life that is hindering your growth and future prospects, chanting of Bhadrakali mantras can be quite beneficial. 

What more?

Bhadrakali is a gentle goddess who blesses the native with wisdom and good luck. Feeling unfortunate or under the cycles of bad luck? Bhadrakali will surely help you out. Start chanting her mantras.

She is also known as the Goddess of tantra & mysticism and is commonly worshipped by the Aghoris and the occult practitioners. She has the power of creating & destroying illusion at the same time and is also called as Mahamaya (the Great Illusion)

Are you feeling any negative energy in your life lately? Or you might be feeling ripped of your vital energy? 

Don’t worry!

Chanting of Bhadrakali mantras and meditation on this Goddess can cut all the negative forces in your life. She has also the power of annihilating all your incurable and prolonged diseases.

 Let us now see some of the most her powerful mantras and its benefits.

Bhadrakaali Mantras for Protection

ॐ भद्रकाली महाकाली किलिकिली फट् स्वाहा  

Om Bhadrakaali Mahakali Kilikili Phat Swaha


  • Chanting of this mantra can remove black magic and almost all evil forces.
  • It can ward off all the negative people from your life and protect you from harms and evil intentions.
  • It can be chanted for curing of grave illness and diseases.

Bhadrakali Mantra for Good Luck & Prosperity

ॐ  जयन्ती मङ्गला काली  भद्रकाली  कपालिनी 

दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री नारायणी नमोस्तुते

Om Jayanti Mangla Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini

Durga Shiva Kshama Dhatri Narayani Namostute


  • This mantra can bring material comforts and prosperity in a person’s life.
  • It improves the relationship between family members and keeps them protected.
  • It induces good luck and makes the worshipper fortunate in every sphere of life.

How to Chant?

  • Always initiate the chanting of Bhadrakali mantras on Fridays. It is advisable to start chanting from any Amavasya (new moon) day.
  • It’s best to start chanting during the midnight hours.
  • Keep Mahakali picture or Bhadrakali picture in front of you on a pooja table covered in black or red cloth.
  • Always face North while chanting.
  • Wear red clothes while chanting Bhadrakali mantras and sit on a red woollen pooja asana.
  • Light a ghee lamp in front of the Goddess. Light incense sticks and offer red flowers and sweets to the deity.
  • You should chant 125000 mantras within 41 days using a Rudraksha mala.
  • Perform Homam at the completion of your sadhna.
  • Offer food and money to the underprivileged and the lowly.
  • You should stay away from non-veg foods, alcohol and maintain complete celibacy during this period.

Maa Bhadrakaali sadhna can also open ways to moksha and can liberate you from the cylces of death and re-birth. People can also attain salvation on chanting and meditating on Bhadrakali.

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Stay Blessed!

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