The Bija Mantra eBook 

Explain Every Bija Word 

You still didn't get results after strictly chanting Mantras?

Well, don’t lose faith yet. There are some things associated with those Mantras which you should know. And, one of them is the Bija Mantra.

The Bija Mantras (seed Mantras) in this book are explained beautifully. Find the meaning of very alphabet of Mantra. Know which alphabet stands for which God. Here, you will get benefits of every bija alphabets. 

They are predetermined tools that are designed to attract specific benefits to your life. From protection, health, love and material prosperity.

However, we reiterate that these Mantras are in Sanskrit and those who are not accustomed with that language, should take special care in pronouncing them.

Table of Contents (eBook)

  • What are Bija Mantras?
  • Bija – The Origin of all Things
  • Where do these come from?
  • Okay, so How do I Use Them?
  • The Bij Aksharas are as follows
  • The Importance of Pronunciation
  • Aim Mantra
  • Kleem Mantra
  • Kreem Mantra
  • Shreem Mantra
  • Hreem Mantra

Every deity has its own Bija Mantras. And to awaken that deity, a particular sound has to be emitted. These are normally associated with the Mantras of deities which correspond to salutation.

Find all about the Om Bija Mantra.

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