Chanting Devi Mantras Will end Your Addiction Slavery

Namaste to All,

There are many Devi Mantras which are available in our holy texts which provide us with boon and prosperity in our life.

There have been many incarnations of Goddess in our Hindu culture and to pay oblation to these different Devi various Vedic Mantras have been written so that people can achieve their blessings. 

Apart from these Devi Mantras are also used in ferocious forms to help us get protected from evil forces prevalent in our society. 

goddess devi

One of the evil influences which are engulfing our society is the addiction of human beings to vices such as drinking, smoking, gambling etc.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people getting addicted to alcohols, drugs, tobacco etc. Even young kids as old as 12 years are falling into this addiction problems and are ruining their life. 

Is your brother fallen into the pit of alcohol addiction or has taken the path of drug peddling?

May be your husband has taken this vile habit of drinking into his life and is creating a marital discord which has resulted into divorce or separation.

You might be a parent who is seriously worried about your alcoholic son who is damaging his life and career due to these addiction problems.

You yourself might be suffering from addiction problems and are unable to come out of this damaging trap.

Isn’t it?

This addiction problem becomes more aggravating as the person who is an addict knows the bad outcomes of these habits and even after repeated attempts is unable to resist it which further lands them into deeper addiction habits and finally into depression.

Even after consulting many doctors you may not be able to get over these addictions.

You might also have tried with De- Addiction centers but all your efforts might have gone futile.

Astrologers might have cited different reasons such as malefic Saturn and Rahu place in the ascendant house or aspecting the Ascendant lord the cause of your drug enslavement but most probably have failed to provide you with positive results.

If these addiction problems has created a ruckus in your life and you want to get over these vile habits of drinking, chewing tobacco, taking drugs then you have landed in the right place.

In this article, we will help you get over your all types of bad addictions which are destroying your life through chanting of some powerful Devi mantras which can drastically reduce your cravings of drinking within a few days.

How Devi Mantras Work?

Some powerful Mantras have been mentioned in our ancient text which upon chanting helps us to avert all types of bad activities in our life through channelizing of reluctance to those particular habits in your mind. 

These Mantras upon chanting help us to raise our inner conscious and create aversion to all types of negative habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, tobacco consumption etc. 

The vibrations created upon the chanting can significantly reduce your craving all of a sudden and you will get de- addicted to all such immoral habits causing a concern to you and your family.

Upon chanting, your mind becomes cleansed and you act more responsibly and morally. It raises our inner consciousness to the path of illumination and spirituality.

We have two different Devi Mantras that can help us overcome your addiction slavery.

Shree Maha Shakti Gayatri Mantra For Addiction 

ॐ महाशक्त्यै विद्महे शक्तिरुपने धिमहि तन्नो शक्ति प्रचोदयात्

Om Mahashaktyai Vidmahe Shaktirupane Dhimahi Tanno Shakti Prachodayat

This Devi Mantra is extremely powerful and is a version of the famous Gayatri Mantra. It should be chanted three times in a day i.e. in the morning, afternoon and evening 108 times. 

  • It should be remembered to face in the East direction in the day time and in the West during the evening time.
  • Try keeping the image of Mata Gayatri in front of you while chanting.
  • Within a few days you will see the positivity in your life and the energy to avert your desires from alcohol and other bad influences will increase.
  • There is no fixed limit on this chanting and one can chant it every day throughout the year.
  • It should be chanting in correct pronunciation while sitting in a correct posture.
  • People can use rosary beads, sandal wood beads or tulsi beads.

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Bhadra kaali Uchchaat Mantra

ॐ क्लीं उच्चाटाया भद्रकाली अव्तरम् अव्तर् ॐ क्लीं फट्

Om Kleem Uchchattaya Bhadrakaali Avataram Avatar Om Kleem Phat

Bhadrakaali Uchchaat Mantra is one of the most powerful Devi Mantra in praise of Goddess Kaali who is the protector of life and the demolisher of bad influences in our existence. 

  • It should be recited in night after 9 pm. An image or idol of goddess Kaali should be kept in front of you placed over a black cloth. 
  • Sitting in a direction facing south start chanting this Devi mantra 108 times.
  • It is advisable to chant 3 rounds of malas every day for 11 days. On the 12th day pay oblation to goddess Bhadrakaali by putting black til, black laung (cloves) and sandalwood sticks in fire. 
  • One can use a rosary bead or black Hakik mala for this Mantra chanting. 
  • One should take a bow before Goddess Kaali and take sankalp (resolution) for which you are chanting this Mantra. 

Find More Devi Mantras

Mantra to Ward off Evil Eye

ॐ नमो  आदेश  कामरु  कामख्या  देवी  सलोना  योगनी  वाधे  टोना  आवे  लखि  में जादू  कौन  देश  फिरै  पहले  अफूल  फूलवारी  ज्यों  ज्यों  आवे  बांस  त्यौं  त्यौं  टोना  या  टोटका नजर  जोर्म  हो  आवे  हमारे  पास  मोहनी  देवी  की  दुहाई

Om Namo aadesh kamaru kamakhya devi salona yogani vadhe tona aave lakhi mein jadu kaun desh phire pahale aphool phulvari jyo jyo aave bans tyo tyo tona ya totka nazar jorm ho aave humare  pass mohini devi ki duhai

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  • If you want to stay away from evil eye or remove any evil eye then chant the above mantra. This Mantra will do tremendous benefit.


  • On Diwali day or eclipse day chant this mantra 10,000 times and purify it.
  • After purifying, take a peacock feather, chant while tying a red thread around it. 
  • Then pat yourself or anyone you think is effected by evil eye seven times while chanting this Devi Mantra.

Devi Mantra for Removing any Physical Pain

मासुणीपिता कुकरी माता उबे अम्बर कुके,

महादेव कहे सुन पार्वती जहाँ लग तहाँ सुके

Masunipita Kukri Mata Ube Ambar Kuke

Mahadev Kahe Sun Parvati Jaha lage Taha Suke

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  • As the name suggest chant the above Mantra to get relief from any pain. 


  • Purify the Mantra by chanting 108 times either on Diwali day, Eclipse day or Holi (festival) day.
  • Take some massage oil in a cup and chant this mantra 108 times and blow on it. After this massage the oil where you have pain.
  • While massaging keep chanting this mantra in your mind and you will get a relief from your pain.

Devi Mantra for House Safety

धां धी धूं धूर्जटेः पत्नी वा वी वूं वागधीश्वरी क्रां क्रीं क्रूं कालिका देवि शां शीं शूं में शुभं कुरु

Dham Dhi Dhum Dhurjateh Patni va vi Vum Vagdhishwari Kram Krim Krum Kalika Devi Sham Shim Shum Mein Shubham Kuru

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  • The above Mantra is specially for Vastu shanti. 
  • If you have purchased a new house or having trouble in existing house then chanting this mantra will be helpful.


  • Chant this Mantra in your new house or existing house in your puja room or in front of a durga devi photo or idol.
  • For the first time chant this Mantra for 10,000 times on any Tuesday with 8 grains of rice in your hand.
  • Once chanting is over, throw two rice grains in all the four direction.
  • After this, chant it for 21 days for 108 times every day.

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