Most Powerful Durga Mantras to Overcome the Evils & Perils of Life

Namaste to All,

Chanting the goddess Durga mantras will make all difficulties go away from your life and grant you with wealth and prosperity. 

goddess durga

Durga Mantra For Enemies 

Om Sarv Baadha


  • It is used for increasing your positive and you will feel the positive vibration around you. 
  • Keep chanting to feel the improvement.  
  • Chanting this Durga Mantra has great power of destroying your inner arrogance and ego. 
  • Maa also saves you from your enemies who attempt to harm you. 
  • Also keeps you away from all the jealous people and their bad eyesight. 

Durga Mantra to Fight With the Trouble of Regular Life

हिनस्ति दैत्यतेजांसि स्वनेनापूर्य


  • Chanting this Mantra makes you so strong to fight with the trouble of regular life. 
  • Basically it is used to abolish your sins by praying to Goddess Durga, she will forgive your all sins and make your soul pure again.
  • Maa will keep you away from all the wrong activities.

Achieve Success in Your Life and Make You Strong 

यस्याः प्रभावमतुलं भगवाननन्तो


  • If you are afraid of anything, then pray to Maa Durga to abolish your fear and makes you strong. Chanting this Mantra will help you to get close of Mahisasur Mordini. 
  • Maa Durga is the symbol of Victory, so chanting will destroy your all obstacles and you will achieve success in your life. 
  • Keep chanting regularly and be the owner of a healthy and prosperous life. 

Durga Mantra For Happiness and Easily Success

देव्या यया ततमिदं जग्दात्मशक्त्या


  • It will bring the happiness in your life; keep chanting to get the peace. 
  • With the blessing of maa durga you can achieve anything in your life, just keep chanting this Mantra, and rest goddess will take care. 
  • Durga Ma always showers her blessing to her devotees so praying to her, and she will makes your life journey smooth and easy, that you can easily achieve success in your every attempt. 

Mantra For Fulfill Your all Wishes and Desire



  • This one is very rare but very strong to protect you from all the omens and bad dreams.
  • Chanting this mantra is very helpful to fulfill your all wishes and desire. 
  • If you are facing difficulties nowadays then this mantra will solve your all problems and troubles and bring back peace in your life again.
  • Chanting before going to bad will protect you from all the nightmares.
  • Also it keeps you away from all the negative energies. 

For concentration in Their Studies

Om Jataa Jut Samaayuktamardhendu


  • This Mantra is very rare but very much useful. Before starting any Durga Bandhana, a devotee should chant this one first. 
  • It is used to improve your meditation as well as concentration.
  • It is especially useful for the students who are suffering from lack of concentration in their studies. 

More Miraculous Mantras

Goddess Durga Mantras are included in the Saptshati Mahatmya (Description of Shakti’s Avtar):

From Saptshati Mahatmya

दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि

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