Most Powerful Durga Mantras to Overcome the Evils & Perils of Life

goddess durga

Benefits Of Durga Mantra

  • Durga Mantra is used for increasing your positive and you will feel the positive vibration around you. 
  • Keep chanting to feel the improvement.  
  • Chanting this Durga Mantra has great power of destroying your inner arrogance and ego. 
  • It also saves you from your enemies who attempt to harm you. 
  • Also keeps you away from all the jealous people and their bad eyesight. 
  • Chanting Mantra makes you so strong to fight with the trouble of regular life. 
  • Basically it is used to abolish your sins by praying to Goddess Durga, she will forgive your all sins and make your soul pure again.
  • Goddess will keep you away from all the wrong activities.
  • It will bring the happiness in your life; keep chanting to get the peace. 
  • With the blessing of maa durga you can achieve anything in your life, just keep chanting this Mantra, and rest goddess will take care. 
  • Durga Ma always showers her blessing to her devotees so praying to her, and she will makes your life journey smooth and easy, that you can easily achieve success in your every attempt. 
  • Chanting mantra is very helpful to fulfill your all wishes and desire. 
  • Chanting before going to bad will protect you from all the nightmares.

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Most Powerful Durga Mantra Which Change Your Life

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चमुन्दये विच्चे नमः

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche Namah

Durga Mantra - 2

ॐ महादेव्यै च विद्महे दुर्गायै च धीमहि तन्नो देवी प्रचोदयात्

Om Mahaa-Dhevyai Cha Vidmahe Durgaayai Cha Dhimahee Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath

Durga Mantra - 3

सर्व मङ्गल माङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके ।

शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadhike

Saranye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute

Bow down to the most auspicious goddess the Mahisasur Maredini devi Durga. She protects her devotees who worship her with full faith and devotion.

Usually we use this above mentioned mantra in every ritual and occasion while praying to goddess Durga. This Mantra is also chanting during the DURGA Puja or Navaratri for giving ANJALI for praying to Devi Durga.

Things to Keep in Mind While Chanting 

  • First thing first “How to chant Mantra”, you have the proper knowledge how and why are you chanting the mantra, as the mantra is scared words which have enough power to change your life completely and in the wrong way if you do it can destroy you completely.
  • Correct pronunciation,   whenever and wherever you chant a mantra, just make sure that you are chanting correct and coherent words. The wrong pronunciation of mantra can harm more than good. 
  • Be Constant and keep the full faith as you can’t achieve the sidhi in one day as its take time and don’t leave the mantra in the middle once you start then you have to complete it.

  • Don’t Sneeze, it is believed that if you sneeze during any auspicious occasion which means you disrespect the God, so avoid sneezing while chanting the mantra.
  • Spitting, Yawning should avoid and if you do you are insulting the god.

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