Rare Durga Puja Mantras – The Ultimate Armor For Our Protection

नमो दुर्गे महा दुर्गे नव दुर्गा स्वरूपिणी|

कैवल्य वासिनी देवी श्री शांता दुर्गा नमोस्तुते||

Maa Durga is our goddess of war. She always supports people who fight against injustice, chronic diseases, poverty and overall bad conditions in life. With her 64 yoginis, 8 avatars and 9 versions, she always backs us in all calamities. 

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Just like a mother saves her dependent child from all evils, bad influence and adverse conditions. Whenever we are stranded in helplessness, and crisis, she is there to show you the path. 

So, we must worship her for our betterment and welfare.  With her blessings, no one can defeat us, because she is the origin of world or “Adimaya”, who helped Lord Vishnu to defeat the demons Madhu and Kaitabh.

durga mata

Worship Navdurga With Durga Puja Mantras

To worship Durga Mata we should chant the prayer of Navdurga, namely

  • Shailputri (शैलपुत्री)
  • Brhamacharini (ब्रह्मचारिणी)
  • Chandraghanta (चंद्रघंटा)
  • Kushamanda (कुष्मान्डा)
  • Skandajanani (स्कंदमाता)
  • Katyayani (कात्यायनी)
  • Kalaratri (कालरात्री)
  • Mahagouri (महागौरी)
  • Siddhidatri (सिद्धीदात्री)

These names are given by Brahma himself to rishi Markandeya in the “Kavach” (कवच). This is the ultimate armor for our protection. 

 It is said that when even if you are in fire or surrounded by enemies, if you chant these Durga Puja Mantras in home and cry for help to Maa Durga, all these bad omens will be vanquished. 

The person will be free from all sorrows, anxiety, frustration and fear. This is her promise.

But in today’s world, people find it hard to believe that these things are anything short of miracles. They need proof, or something tangible. At the end of this page you will find the proof of the Mantra miracle.

Devi Maa Herself Told Nine Mantras Which She Likes Most as Follows:-

Durge Smruta
Jayanti Mangala
Namo Devaiye
Rogan Sheshan
Namo Durge
Sarv Badha Prashamanm
Sarv Mangal
Sharangat Dinart

Chanting these Durga Mantras at home daily after puja provides you with all the blessings of Maa Durga. 

However as per Hindu calendar, the 8th,9th and 14th days are especially auspicious for Durga worship. If you chant these Mantras 108 times each on these days, you will definitely get the reward.

Bengali and Gujarati people do this puja in Navaratri with a grand celebration during this period. 

For nine days, the earthen idol of goddess is decorated with ornaments and sarees.  Garba, Dances and night celebration make Maa Durga happy and she blesses us with full contentment.

As well all know, a mother is always kinder than a father!

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