Ganesha Mantras for Removing obstacles in Relationship

Love and relationship are a necessity for everyone to lead a happy and content life.

It is one of the best feelings we experience in our whole lifetime, and the undying excitement of love makes us feel energetic and keeps us going. 

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God Ganesha

However, the path to having a peaceful love life sometimes turns out to be filled with various obstacles. These hurdles can be due to lack of attention, understanding and interest or could be caused by a presence of a third person. 

It is never easy to deal with these problems and heartache is as exponential synonymous with the love between the couple.

With time and efforts, some of these hurdles get solved, and we move forward, but other infractions in the relationship might seem impossible to resolve. 

Moreover, these hurdles eventually can cause the relationship to break and cause more suffering.

These challenging times require us to be patient as well as to maintain calmness in our mind and soul. 

Praying to god aids us in attaining that inner peace and by chanting the appropriate mantra’s we can seek help from God is resolving these hurdles

Ganesha: The Destroyer of Obstacles

Ganesha is known as the god of knowledge, enlightenment, and remover of obstacles. These obstacles can be material, emotional or spiritual also. 

By chanting particular Mantras associated with Ganesha helps to invoke the lord's attention to our problems and suffering and ask him for his kind help. 

Moreover, Ganesha Mantras activate our mind and various chakras in our body which helps in attaining a level of enlightenment which aids in understanding challenges in a relationship and solving them as well as gives strength to face any future hardship.

How to Start Chanting Ganesha Mantras. 

  • To start with first find a comfortable and silent place where you can sit and chant the Mantras. 
  • Outside noises cause distractions and disturbances which break the concentration required for effectively using the Mantras.  
  • Since mantras require complete focus and a calm mind, one can start by closing their eyes and focusing on an imaginary burning wick. 
  • You can also use a candle and light it in front of you and concentrate on its wick. 
  • Doing this will help in clearing away all the disturbing thoughts that usually keep churning in our mind.

Ganesha Mantra For Solving Obstacles :

Om Gajananam Shokvinashkarakam

Meaning: Hey Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of problems I bow to your lotus feet. 

Reciting this Mantra 108 times every day will aid in absolving the current obstacles in your love life and also ease the path in future. 

Om  Vignanaashnay

Meaning: Hey Destroyer of Obstacles I pray to you, help me solve problems immediately. 

Proper chanting of this Ganesha Mantra will start showing its effects on your life immediately. Your problems will begin solving themselves, and the path ahead will begin looking smoother. 

The most significant thing to remember here is that they are only effective when we recite them with utmost concentration and calmness without being hasty to see the results. 

These Ganesha Mantras not only solve problems but will help in decreasing the stress on the thoughts due to the present obstacles.

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