Goddess Annapurna- Know Who is she and Its Importance in Hinduism 

We generally consume food as a daily physical and biological activity. Food is considered as the basic building block in our bodies. But have we ever thought is there any spiritual significance related to it? We obviously don’t have enough time to think about it.

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The food which imparts physical health and nourishment also gives us spiritual upliftment.

You may ask, how?

Without food, we cannot imagine body and without body we cannot imagine meditation and without meditation, we cannot imagine spiritual enlightenment. Food is Shakti (the energy).It causes a person to create Karma.

In Hinduism, food is considered to be Brahma. We all originate, sustain and finally merge into food. 

We often hear a common saying- “Respect the food and don’t waste it”. Remember?? 

Do you know the reason, why?

Food is considered Lakshmi in Hinduism. In fact, we call it “Dhanya Lakshmi”, one of the forms of “Ashtalaksmhi”. The food provides us with energy, strength, vitality and nourishment.  We should consider ourselves lucky, if we have more than enough to eat.

In Hinduism, we call food as “Anna (in Sanskrit)” and there is a ruling Goddess to it named as “Maa Goddess Annapurna”

Goddess Annapurna- the Goddess of Sustenance and Nourishment

She is considered to have the entire repository of food in the Universe. The name Annapurna comprises of two Sanskrit words namely “Anna- the food” and “Purna- complete”.

Maa Annapurna is worthy of her name as her store is full of food for her devotees. She never lets her worshipper sleep without food. By providing food for the people, she enriches the life of people both on a physical and spiritual level.

In spiritual texts, she is an incarnation of Mata Parvati – the holy consort of Lord Shiva. She once made Lord Shiva beg for food when the entire world got under severe drought. She also fed the hungry “Vanar Sena” of Lord Rama when they were moving to Lanka to fight King Ravana.

Devi Annapurna is depicted as a youthful Goddess having a red complexion. She is Trinetra (three-eyed) and has a crescent moon over her head. She has a spoon in one hand and a beautiful bowl full of grainin the other symbolising food for her devotees. With her each offerings, she blesses the devotee with energy, health and contentment.

Are you a homemaker? 

Do you feel that there is a shortage of food in your kitchen more frequently? 

If you are having the above problems, you should definitely pray to Maa Annapurna and ask for her blessings.Any food taken with the name of Maa Annapurna becomes holy and can cure illness. Maa Annapurna also looks that the kitchen of devotees remained filled with food grains and eatables.

Maa Annapurna also blesses the natives who are into farming business and food business.

 Are you in agriculture business expecting a low yield of crops? 

Have a food outlet which is not running successfully?

Goddess Annapurna can bless you with abundance and prosperity in your lives. Your agriculture yield would rise, if you chant the Annapurna mantra near the crop field with full devotion. Your food business will soar, if you seek the blessings of “Annapurneswari”

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