Goddess Kali - Abolish your all issues

The PAST is the END and the END is the NEW BEGINNING! This cycle run and rules by the most powerful goddess of Hinduism, the Maha Kali.

Who is the Goddess Kali?

goddess kali

She also has known as Kaalika, who is the consort of Maha Kaal, the Lord Shiva. 

Her name represents her power, means who is beyond the time and the centre power of this whole universe. 

She represents the power, prosperity, creation, destruction. She is the ferocious form of Maa Durga. 

She is the way of achieving Moksha or liberation. Her another name is Shakti who protects by creating an invisible shield around her devotees, it’s an unbreakable protection. 

If you want to achieve some special power or ‘Siddhi’ then she is the only way. Surrender himself to her. 

Anger is her nature, she fulfils every one’s wish also punish for doing any sin or crime. 

She is the base of all power that’s why some Tantra Yogis worship her with all their devotions.

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Goddess Kali and her different forms:

Whisper her name whenever you are in trouble, she will save you from any difficulties. 

Hindus are very much fond of Goddess, they believe that she is the most powerful as well as kind-hearted goddess who bless and fulfil every wish of her devotees. 

There are 9 avatars of Adi shakti Maa kali. Very few people are aware of her Splendid forms. Let’s disclose one by one.

  • Maha Kali: This is the main and most worshiped forms of the goddess kali. This form is decorated with the prostrate lord Siva. This phenomenon is also known as the Dakshin Kali. She took this appearance to kill the two most dangerous devils Chanda and Munda. After destroying them she got the name of Maa Chamunda. 
  • Chinnamasta: This is the wired and dangerous form, this form is called Chinnamasta which means beheaded. This avatar holds her own head and drinks the blood stumping out from her throat. This aspect is the proof of death and creation. 
  • Matangi Kali: Matangi Kali is a unique goddess, she can’t be worshiped at home. She is the violent form of the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. This goddess pleased with some wired things. She only accepts the eaten or stale food from her devotees, and devotees should offer that with his/her left hand (which is the impure hand). She took this avatar to bring back the respect of all the Chandals , that’s why this avatar is popularly known as Chandalini. 
  • Samsana Kali: Samsan is called the swargadwar where people get the moksha. She is the divine goddess of Samsan and only worshiped in Hindu religion. She doesn’t look like the main goddess kali with protruding tongue. She is just like a human appearance with two hands. 
  • Bairavi Kali: This form is known as the messenger of Death. The Hindu scriptures describes her a violent mother who defending her children from all the evil and dangerous demons. She is popular at Tripura and people of that place worshiped her from all the devotion.
  • Bagala Kali: This appearance of Goddess is also a violent avatar but her beauty is dazzling with the lighter complexion.  She is so violent that you can see her to pull the tongue of devils. 
  • Kamala Kali: This form is originated with tantra, She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She also known as the Gaja Laxmi as she two down facing elephants by her two sides. 
  • Tara: Every form of Goddess Kali is quite violent, and this is not the different. This violent appearance of Kali is known as Maa Tara and her appearance is like she is shown as naked with the light blue complexion. 
  • Shodoshi: The beauty of this form is so arresting that anyone can be hypnotized with that aspect of goddess Shodoshi. It is shown that she is rising from the navel of the maheswar, the Mahakal. And the tridev, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar is praying in front of her to show respect. 
  • Dhumavati: Dhumavati is the strange form of goddess, and very few people are aware of it. She is the one and only widow goddess in Hindu mythology. She is known as the spirit of smoke. Most of the devotees know her by the name Alakshmi, means the opposite of Lakshmi and pray to her to go far away from the house so that the happiness and prosperity stays in the house. 

May be Goddess Kali is the violent goddess but she is so kind hearted to her devotees who utter her name with all the pure and deep devotion. 

Before knowing the mantras, which will change your life and detract your all trouble and problems, let’s have a look at the benefits and fruitfulness of chanting her mantras regularly. 

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