Goddess Lakshmi - How to Get a Stable Source of Money?

Everybody wants to become rich. Money is the law of the land, yet nobody knows how to get it. People guard that secret with vehemence.

Little do people know that it is the power of Goddess Lakshmi who bestows money upon us? The house where she dwells becomes prosperous, happy, and respected. 

Those who hold money are always followed by everybody. It does not matter whether they are ugly, bad natured, or corrupt.

So, How Do We Get the Blessing of Ma Lakshmi?

You see, Goddess Lakshmi is volatile. It is very difficult to stabilize her. But being a mother, a lady, she becomes satisfied with praises and offerings. 

Unlike dev, the god, she immediately bestows blessings and full wealth to her Bhaktas, devotees.

What is the Way to Please Her? How She Will Bless Me?

She is symbol of holy, heavenly beauty. She sits on a lotus and she has a lotus in her hand as well. She is therefore also called as Kamala and Kamalvasini. All are symbols of purity, and unblemished.

You know how one can earn money, but cannot retain it? 

Sometimes you get ample money but you spend too much. So, you cannot save it for future. To do that effectively, our ancient sages have found some Mantras!

Now let us find out which mantras are effective to make your wealth stable and permanent.

Bija Mantra

To chant Lakshmi Mantra is not that easy. Mostly it is the Bija. It is powerful. It has significant values. Unless they are chanted with perfection, you will not get the blessings. 

She is Aadi Maya, the root of all avatars of Ma Devi. So to awaken her we have to worship her with shodashopachara i.e. sixteen type of worships.

These worships constitute Avah pujan (aninvite) with five Amruts -milk, honey, ghee, sugar and curd as consumable offerings. 

Other offerings include garments (mostly saris, green bangles, golden beads, mangalsutra) a coconut, five fruits, a token amount of money and tambul (betel nut and leaves).

Then you will have to chant with rudraksh or tulsi mala 108 times:

Om hreem shreem
Om shreem hreem shreem

Lakshmi Gayatri:

If you are determined and can perform worship with strict procedure Gayatri is a really powerful mantra.

Om Mahalkshmi ch vidmahe

Mind well, Gayatri should be pronounced correctly because it is a Mantra with enchanted power, due to the arrangement of the words and the rhythm. So, either get it from suitable Guru or refer the MP3.

Once goddess Lakshmi is satisfied, all your wishes will be fulfilled, as you will get wealth and honor. Most importantly, you will be able to retain it!

Diwali and Margashirsha, the Most Auspicious Month to Worship Goddess Lakshmi:

Every god is more powerful on some auspicious days. To get maximum benefit, Diwali and dhanateras are two days when she happily accepts all our offerings and bestow plenty of blessings. 

The worship is performed especially of this deity with money, gold and ornaments. The offering of kheer is her favorite thing.

Red flowers, hibiscus, and roses should be put on Lakshmi’s statue. A garland of scented flowers should also be offered.

Goddess Lakshmi is very pleased if we perform this puja of a married woman with coconut, sari, bangles, and fruits. The number of married women does not matter. Particularly on a Thursday in Margashirsha.

You can chant the mantras on Fridays and Tuesdays. The more you worship, the more you will get. For chanting mantras there are some rules. Follow them strictly.

  • Sit on a cotton or insulated asana.
  • Take rudraksh or tulsi Beads mala and start from meru mani a big bead, chant for 108 times.
  • Concentrate on the deity, be one with the goddess.
  • Do not stop in between or think of routine matters.
  • As far as possible eat vegetarian food. It enables proper pronunciation. If you eat heavy food, eat non-veg or drink alcohol, the tongue becomes heavy, leading to mispronunciation!
  • After completing, meditate for a while with closed eyes and think of Ma.

Let her bless you with immense riches!

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