Guru Mantra Can Help You Tie the Nuptial Knots Fast

Guru Mantra for Getting Success, Fame and Wealth

ॐ गुरुर्बृहस्पतिजीवः सुराचार्यो


  • Guru graha is responsible for luck and fortune. 
  • This Mantra will help you get fame, wealth and success in studies and profession. 
  • it will also give you relief from any skin or nervous problems.

Make Guru Graha Happy

पीतांबरः पीतवतुः किरीटी चतुर्भुजो देवगुरुः


Guru graha is the planet Jupiter. It is the largest planet and according to astrology, it plays a very important role.

  • The above Mantra will help you make guru graha happy. 
  • A favorable guru graha will help you attain happiness, financial well being, good social status, promotions and good health. 

Guru Mantra To Get a Son

भक्त्या बृहस्पतिं स्मृत्वा


  • By pleasing the Guru Planet with the above Mantra, sick people will get strength and childless couple will get a son.

How to Chant 

  • Start chanting from Thursday.
  • The best number to chant the Guru Mantra is 16,000 times and you can complete this in 11 days.
  • Try donating sugar, saffron or turmeric on Thursdays.
  • Try to wear yellow colored clothes and gold ornaments while chanting guru mantra for better results.

Are You Among Them Who Are Unable to Find a Suitable Partner For Yourself?

They can really help you to get married fast.

Don’t believe it?

But yes, this is true.

Unmarried people, especially girls have been chanting to get the benefic effects of God Brihaspati in regards to marriage. 

Chanting of the Mantra has provided them with a timely marriage. They can really help you get over the obstacles in getting married by nullifying all the bad yogas in your horoscope.

Ancient Guru Mantra

Devanaam Cha Risheenaam

How & When to chant?

  • This should be chanted early in the morning after taking bath. 
  • A worshiper should chant one mala (108 times) every day. 
  • Chanting should be started from any auspicious Thursday according to Hindu calendar. 
  • People should wear yellow clothes and offer yellow fruits to Lord Brihaspati. 
  • It is always advisable to offer water mixed with turmeric (haldi) to a banana tree. 

Beej Guru Mantra

Guru Mantra

How & When to Chant?

  • This Guru Mantra should be chanted by the people 19000 times starting from Thursday during the waxing moon. 
  • It is advisable to finish 19000 chants in 40 days. 
  • People should offer yellow fruits and flowers to God Brihaspati and also wear yellow clothes during the chanting. 
  • As said before it is advisable to pour water mixed with turmeric to a banana tree.
  • If you have a weak, debilitated or a retrograde Jupiter in a horoscope and is creating hurdles in finding you a potential partner for your marriage, then here are some astrological remedies which besides Guru Mantra chanting would help you.

Remedies for a weak Jupiter

  • Try to do charity by giving pens, pencils to poor children.
  • Always respect elders and the teachers.
  • Try to wear a Pukhrajgem Stone or Sunahla if you have a benefic but weak Jupiter.
  • Wear yellow clothes and try to fast on Thursdays. 

Hope this will helps you bring positive affirmations and marital bliss in your life.

Till then, Stay blessed!

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