Hare Krishna Mantra -The Universal God Consciousness Mantra

Why is Hare Krishna Mantra the Only Remedy to Attain God Consciousness in Kali Yug?

Considering Brahma’s cycle of one year which includes four Yugas, three such Brahma years have already passed.

Now is the time of the Kali Yug which is the worst of all. 

In this Yug the qualities, divinity and Satvik bhava all will vanish.

Krishna declared in Bhagvad Gita that when this situation of adharm [illegality] arises, I will be born again in another incarnation to protect sadhus and good people. 

So, when we, the good people are desperate and in great pain due to these three Taap mentioned above, remember him with intense focusand you will get through. 

  • In Satya Yug meditation as the men were Satvik (pure) and free from six enemies, the meditation used to be in the form of discipline.
  • In Treta Yug, people were Rajasik [balanced positive and negative emotions, like the Yin and Yang] and ‘Yadnya’ were the norm. Sacrifice was recommended, which meant aggression and violence was acceptable.
  • In Dwapar Yug, there was a manifestation of energy in the form of divinity, and men could worship them directly. So Sadhana was recommended which was very hard to perform. 

Here is the Mantras 

hare krishana mantra
bhagwate vashudevaye

In Kali Yug, the human being has become violent and destructive. Pure bhakti or devotion is impossible. So, to awaken Lord Krishna (Hari) - the protector, just chant his Mantra loudly or recite it in mind. You will be able to cross the ocean of worldly belongings safely, with his help.

chanting in mind without stopping.

How Does it Cure you?

  • When you start chanting the name of Lord Krishna, you tend to concentrate your thoughts on him automatically. 
  • Gradually, you will forget your pain and finally you will be rid of it all together. That’s it.
  • The best thing is, that it is very easy to chant the Ajapa Jaap – you need not know about Sanskrit.
  • It so simple, that you can just remember him and start chanting anywhere, anytime; like the elephant who was caught by a crocodile, like Pralhad who was thrown in boiling oil. 
  • The Mantra penetrates the physical and astral bodies of the patient and tissues with purity. It destroys the microbes and vivifies the tissues. They are the most potent antiseptics and germicides.
  • Actual incidents are there that when a patient was on death bed and doctors declared “No Hopes”, the relatives assemble around the bed and started chanting this Mantra in one voice for two/three hours and patient started giving response to medicine. 
  • This Mantra’s power enhances tremendously when chanted collectively. Even Dhanwantary, the original doctor declared that “only the name of Krishna is the medicine of all diseases.” 

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