Are Hindu Mantras Really Beneficial?

Hindu Mantras have been into presence since Rig Vedic times and have been passed over from generations to generations. 

In Hindu culture, chanting of Mantras has been considered as the mother of meditation and is reared as a daily practise in every Hindu since child birth.

Hindu Puja

But now these have travelled deep and far into various cultures and countries into different dialects and people have delved deep down on its significance and working and have finally realized its importance.

There are various Mantras available in our Vedic texts which serves various purposes. Some like the Beej (seed) are used to get the planetary benefits and nullify the malefic effects. 

Then there are Hindu Mantras for propitiating Gods & Goddesses and are usually chanted by people for their worships.

Tantrik or Paisachik Mantras are a special form of Vedic Hymns which are used for siddhi and are used for special purposes.

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Some powerful Hindu Mantrs

So, What is a Mantra?

It is a collection of words or phrases when recited or uttered in resonance can have significant psychological and physical healing capabilities. 

It has its root in our Ancient Vedas and is sometimes known as Vedic Mantra. It is the union of two roots words in Sanskrit i.e. Man which means “mind and Tra which means “tool”. 

So basically it is a tool which is used to reflect or project our mind into the universe to invoke a particular deity who is in the “Nirvikalpa Sadhna”.

Now the next obvious question- “Is it necessary to chant Mantras in Sanskrit?”

The phrases or the syllables are represented in forms which can generate a particular frequency that can travel through the space-time matrix for long. 

For example, chanting of ‘Om” or “Aum” which is one of the basic Hindu Mantra represents the sound energy of the Universe.

Now the million dollar question which may have intrigued many reader for years- 

Do They Really Work?

In one word-


The sound energy created by the chanting gives rise to vibrations which can travel in and around our body and can significantly heal us physically and psychologically. 

Repeated chanting is said to produce “Naad” which means a primordial sound which can cleanse our chakras.

Therefore, the practise of regular chanting is sometimes called as the “Naad Yoga” 

Now Let Us See a Few Ways These Hindu Mantras Chanting Can Help You

Synchronizes Your Brain

You might have seen people going to the gym and flexing their muscles to stay fit and healthy. So, how do they achieve it? 

It’s by regular practise. In the same way, regular chanting of Hindu Mantras with extreme devotion can synchronise your left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain thereby inducing a uniform brain wave pattern.

A uniform brain wave pattern is seen to help people get over mental illness and reduces anxiety.

Increases the Secretion of Happy Hormones

We have dopamine and serotonin as the happy hormones which on proper secretion can make us feel happy and contended.

Mantra upon chanting increases the secretion of these happy neuro-chemicals in our brain. 

Enunciation of Hindu Mantras increases the brain cells of our body which also helps us to stay mentally fit even in our old age.

Induces Deep Sleep

chanting up to three malas a day and night can significantly drop the levels of cortisolhormones in our body.

Cortisol hormones are stress hormones which gives rise to levels of insomnia in people. 

Other stress hormones such as norepinephrine and adrenalin is also reduced by regular Mantra chanting and can help us provide a deep sleep.

Some of them like the Chandra Mantras can help in this problem of insomnia and REM sleep which keeps the person awake even in bed.

Cleanses & Balances Your Chakras

Chanting can balance the 7 chakras which are called as the “wheels of energy” in a body. Balancing of these chakras can improve the functioning of the body organs. 

All the chakras namely the Muladhara chakra, Svadhisthna chakra, Manipur chakra, Anhata chakra, Sahaswara chakra, Vishuddhi chakra & Ajna chakra can be cleaned and made to work properly. 

Balancing of the chakras can help immune our body of all sorts of physical and mental ailments.

A well balanced chakra in a body can make a continuous flow of energy among mind, body & soul.

Provides a Strong Aura

Repetitive chanting can help relax and stimulate all the chakras in our body. As discussed above it also helps to remove any toxins in our body.

This helps the whole body to vibrate in synchronicity when chanting which creates a strong auric field in & around the person chanting the mantras. 

Some Hindu Mantras like the Surya Beej Mantras are so powerful that they can produce a significant aura within a few days upon regular repetition.

It can increase the natural glow of your face

Improves Heart Beat and Lowers Blood Pressure

Chanting in a proper way significantly reduces the pulse rate in humans. Any fluctuations in blood pressure can also be countered by proper chanting by introducing a wait phase after every chant. 

This controls the systolic and diastolic functioning of the heart and any abnormalities in the blood pressure is readily controlled.

Gayatri Maha Mantra one of the famous Hindu Mantra has proved to give good results in heart patients.

Can Help You Get Rid of Thyroid Imbalance

Nowadays, thyroid imbalance has been a major illness among most of the people especially the women. People are suffering from hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism. 

Chanting of Vishuddhi Mantras can help activate your Vishuddhi chakra located at the point of the thyroid gland. 

When it is chanted the powerful sound vibration activates this chakra and thereby helps improve the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

Mantras are a powerful tool which capitalizes upon the inherent energy of sound vibrations and the pressure exerted on the lips, tongue and upper palate of the mouth. 

This energy transfer from sound to different parts of the body helps to control the hypothalamus which is responsible for the involuntary actions in the body.

Last but not the least, any Hindu Mantras should be chanted in cyclic repetitions through a period of time to harness its benefits. It should also be remembered to select the proper Mantras for your needs and should be chanted as is prescribed by an expert. 

Hindu Mantras can be listened to or chanted as one might feel convenient but to get a wish granted or to invoke a deity one must necessarily chant the mantras. 

One must also keep a note that you should only listen to any Hindu Mantra in male voice.

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