Learn How to Chant Durga Mantras

Goddess Durga gives you positive energy, kills your enemies and endows you with success.

Whenever there was a threat to the three sons of Mahashakti, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Maa Shakti embodied herself in various avatars and destroyed the demons.

In kaliyug, the only one force that saves you from all the miseries of the world is devotion to Maa Durga.

The name Durga itself is indicative of the powers of the goddess, ‘Du’ means difficulty and ‘ga’ means pass away.

Goddess Durga

Learn How to chant Durga Mantra

Is the Systematic Procedure Important?

Yes, The Durga Mantra initiates the awakening of Shakti which involves five forces of nature and our body.

Read the following and follow religiously. 

  • It is best to learn from a guru about how to chant the Mantra. Or refer to learn from our site. Any wrong pronunciation can lead to wrong effects. 
  • There are Bij and simple Mantras. If you cannot follow the strict discipline of diet and purity, then you can chant a simple verse of the goddess. Our eternal mother is happy with any small offering.
  • After having a bath, sit on an insulated Asana,[Dari or rug] and take rudraksha or tulsi mala. 
  • Start chanting the mantra from Merumani [big middle bead] and concentrating all your body, mind and heart.
  • Throw away all thoughts, push any drowsiness and start feeling that you are in the presence of Maa Durga herself.
  • Always start with OM. After full chanting of 108 beads of mala, sit quietly, concentrating on the third eye, i.e. the space on the forehead between your eyes. 
  • Imagine the Goddess’s blissful image with ten, eighteen hands with all weapons, sweet smile adorned with calm and divine eyes. 
  • If you can’t perform this routine daily [although it is a must], do so on Ashtami, the eighth day of the Indian calendar month, or Navami, the ninth day. It is even more auspicious during Navaratri. Recall all forms of Navdurga every day.
  • In the Navaratri festival, after finishing this chant, call a kumari [girl child] and perform a ‘kumari puja’ by washing her feet, applying saffron swastika at them and offering her a garment, sweet or Payasam. 
  • The girl should be from 2 to 10 years. Goddess is especially appeased with Kumari Pujan.
  • To align your body with the rhythm of Durga Mantra, do not eat onion, garlic, or non-veg. 
  • These things are hot by nature (tamo guni properties). When mixed with blood, the resonance of Bij Akshara(words) will get disturbed.

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