How to chant Kubera Mantras

Namaste to All,

To make the Kubera Mantra more effective some rules we should follow.

  • Chant the Mantra after taking bath and with full concentration.
  • On the south facing wall attach his poster or yantra so that it faces north. The negative energy due to wrong selection of plot of house or some vastu dosha will be eliminated with this.
  • Always sit in the fixed place. The vibrations of Mantras spread in the same place and thereby produce positive energy. 
  • To enhance the power of Mantra put his yantra in house at north. Its tapering point attracts cosmic energy and when you are chanting, it increases the effect of sound.

The Lakshmi-Kubera yantra is worshiped with systematic puja. Gold and silver ornaments are used along with sweets and garlands.

The Goddess Lakshmi and God Kubera are worshiped with full devotion.

A statue of a cow feeding her calf is also kept. The main offering is clove, coriander seed and jaggery. After the main puja, the Mantra given below is chanted 108 times.

मनुजब्राह्म विमान स्थितम्

गरुड रत्न निभंनिधि नायकम् 

शिव सखम्मुकुटादिविभूषितम्

वर गदेदघतंभजे तुन्दीलम्

Manuj Brahma Viman Sthitam

Garud Ratna Nibhamnidhinayakam

Shiv Sakhammukutadivibhushitam

Var Gadedadhatambhaje Tundilm

Meaning:- Sitting on a flying machine in human form, like the great eagle, owner of all wealth, adorned with a crown,blessing hand and holding a bludgeon, O huge Kuber, I bow to you.

Often, after completion of daily puja a Mantra pushpanjali i.e. the bouquet of flower of Mantra is offered and we solely pray lord Kubera, the Vaishravan to give us every earthly good things:-

कुबेराय वैश्रवणायमहाराजाय नमो नम:|| 

Kuberay Vaishravanaymaharajay Namo Namah:

He will certainly bestow wealth upon you. However, you should not let this monetary advantage go to your head. 

It is the mark of the demon Kali which clouds your mind and fills it with arrogance by inflating your ego.

You should stay as humble as possible. Otherwise the Mantra will be of no use!

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