Learn How to Chant Lakshmi Mantras?

First Learn How to Pronounce These Lakshmi Mantras?

If you know the Devanagiri script and alphabet, you won’t have any problems saying these Mantras.

Just be careful of complex words and joint alphabets. They are meant to be pronounced in the order they are jointed.

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Lakshmi devi

For those who do not know Devanagiri script and alphabet, we provide simple English translations. Now when you encounter a single a, you pronounce it like ‘u’ in ‘turn’. 

When you encounter double a, like ‘aa’, you need to pronounce it like ‘a’ as in ‘fast’. Similarly, pronounce ‘I’ like you normally would, like in ‘it’. Double e, or ‘ee’ should be pronounced as in ‘see’, or ‘sea’ or ‘tea’. 

Wherever you find single vowels, the resulting pronunciation is short, whereas it is long if you find double alphabets.

For example, to pronounce ‘hrim’, you should start with H, then r, then I and then M. But notice that letters H and R are joint. So, you will start with H, but end in R just as you would do in ‘Rhyme’ or ‘Rhesus’.

What You Have to do to Take Real Benefits of These Lakshmi Mantras?

Just speaking these Mantras arbitrarily will not do. You need to follow some specific rules and preparations:

So Learn How to Chant Lakshmi Mantras

  •  As usual, sit on an insulated ‘Aasan’ or ‘Yoga mats’ made of cotton cloth.
  • Sit facing North or East.
  •  A photo of ‘Shri Yantra’ should be kept in front of you on a small table. This is for those who cannot acquire a Shri Yantra.
  • Put a coconut on a ‘Kalash’, fully filled with water, surrounded by Mango leaves.
  • Apply ‘Gandh’, ‘Haldi’ and ‘KumKum’ on the Kalash and the photograph.
  • Then concentrate on Shri Yantra and Chant the Mantra for the prescribed number of times.
  • If you need to recite it for 10,000 times, you needs to chant it for 10 malas (108 beads) daily for a total of 10 days.
  • After completing the recitation, perform a ‘Kumari Pujan’ with a full length of cloth, fruit and some amount of money as ‘Dakshina’.

What Not to do While Chanting These Mantras

  • Ladies should not chant this Mantra during their periods.
  •  You must take a bath or shower over the head before chanting.
  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food and vegetarian foods with onion or garlic in it.
  • Dispel any anger, hatred, or any negative emotions from your mind.
  • Do not interrupt your iterations for any reason whatsoever. Do not speak with anybody while chanting them.

Once you follow these simple instructions and have faith in Goddess Lakshmi, your wealth related woes will start to disappear and you will lead a very happy and prosperous life!

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