Learn How to Chant Maha kali Mantras

So, do I just chant it like a song? 

Nope! You need to do this properly. Of course, our mother does not ask for much. But there is a specific way to awaken her:

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goddess maha kali

Learn How to chant Maha Kali Mantra

  • Always perform the prayer in a fixed place and fixed time after taking your bath.
  • It is better to take rosery of rudraksh or tulsi. You will have to chant for 108 times.
  • Sit in front of Ma Mahakali’s image or concentrate and imagine that image in front of your closed eyes. 
  • Sit in Vajrasan, Padmasan or Sukhasan. Sit on an insulated Asana, either cotton or skin of deer. This is necessary for mulbandh, which prevents the wastage of energy through the body’s posterior end.
  • Always start with Pranav (ॐ) before every Mantra to enhance its value. 
  • Pronounce calmly, clearly and with rhythm. Refer the MP3 samples available with this article.
  • Pronounce with purity, concentration feeling and one pointed of mind. That will help you to attain God -consciousness. 

Remember, the Maha kali Mantras have power only when we chant them in a particular way.

They instigate the ductless glands, three Nadis, and Six Chakras to perform their functions.

Then, proper metabolism is established, which leads to a natural recovery.

It is said the best time to worship Maha kali is 2 hours before sunrise and no moon days.

She loves the color black so try wearing black clothes and keep the deity on an altar covered with black cloth.

Avoid eating non vegetarian food and alcohol consumption on the day of Pooja.

Tips to make Maha Kali Mantras more effective

  • Usually Maha Kali Mantras are chanted by common devotees and priests. But they are quite different from tantrik process of chanting. 
  • Common people for their everyday life can chant mantras either on their fingers or beads. 
  • But for a tantrik or a priest to attain Siddhi these Mantras should be chanted with a Rudraksha Mala or a Black Hakik Mala. 
  • One important thing about these chants is that to attain goddess blessings one should get over all the inhibitions, prejudices and attachments from the worldly desires.
  • For protection Mantras one can make a nail out of a bone’s snake and taking this bone in your hand, you will have to chant the mantras 7 times while remembering the name of your enemy. 
  •  This Mantra is very powerful and should be done in Ashlesha nakshatra

Most powerful and rare Maha kali Mantras

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