Learn How to chant OM in easy ways

Despite the spelling ‘OM’, the pronunciation of this Mantra is A (अ), U (उ), M(म), in that order.

The transition of this pronunciation from one letter to another should be seamless.

There should be no interruption in between. So it is actually pronounced as OO - MM (ओं).

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For common people, the duration of the three letters is quite standard.

The pronunciation of letter ‘A’ needs 2 seconds, ‘U’ needs 3 seconds and ‘M’ needs 5 seconds respectively.

There are two ways to learn how to chant OM Mantra, with two sub-types in the second one.

Sit in sahajasan [ simple state] or Padmasan.

Take long breath three times and slowly inhale and exhale. Then chant three times Pranav i.e. Om (number of ‘s’ is an extension of that pronunciation).

1.Pranav: -ओऽऽऽऽऽऽम् [Three times] 

2. (a) ॐऽऽऽॐऽऽऽॐऽऽऽ[11 times]


Another way is doing Omkar

Another way is doing Omkar after pranayam. Sometimes we are very much disturbed and angry because of our helplessness.

In this situation you should not directly start doing Omkar as it might give an adverse effect. 

As you know emotions create chemical effect in your system. When the anger, sorrow, or trauma is stuck on your mind there is disturbance in our system. 

To resolve this if you start doing Omkar, there will be a mixing of two chemical reactions and the end product will be stroke.

So, if you want to calm down your emotions by Omkar, first breathe slowly. 

Gradually inhale and exhale for 2 to 3 minutes. Check the pulse whether it is going steady. 

And then put your fingers on your eyes, to close them fully, close ears by two thumbs, inhale full and then do Omkar with Msssssss as long as possible until exhaling full. 

Do it 5 times or 11 times. 

Then remove hands rub against each other and put again on eyes. 

You will feel fresh, calm and relaxed. One thing to be kept in mind, that never chants any bijakshar Mantra if you are disturbed by something or you are worrying about something and thinking of it alone. 

Be calm, throw away all thought and concentrate on the image of OM or your favorite deity and chant Mantra. This will give you best effect.

ॐ as The Basic Life Force

Reciting of Om creates a fundamental frequency of 432 Hz which is also known to be the fundamental frequency of everything in this Universe. 

Therefore it’s chanting can help resonate ourselves to the energy of this Universe and is said to create a “feeling of oneness”.

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