Hreem Mantra- Harness the Power of Sun Within You

One of the psychological attributes that governs a person’s emotional and mental growth is self- esteem or self –respect. Often in this difficult and ever changing world, we often encounter failures in our life such as failure in career, job, love and relationships.

The failure causes much damage to our internal self and we slowly crawl into our cocoon, living a life of despair and helplessness. 

We try our best to remain afloat with our internal energies even after facing constant failures. But unfortunately, we are trapped into a cobweb of pessimism and it gradually leads to depression.

And remember, nobody wants to connect to a person who is pessimist, one who has lost hope, one who is afraid to take initiatives.

Everybody craves to talk to a person who is full of life, one who isn’t afraid to take risks and who has a macho attitude.

Are you one of those who are lacking self-respect? 

Has your constant failures made you a pessimist?

Or you might be feeling unworthy of love and respect?

Remember, nobody loves or respects a person who doesn’t respect himself/herself. You have to have a go-getter attitude in this competitive world. 

You might be thinking- Is it ever possible to regain back the self-respect, to feel more worthy of somebody’s time and attention?

Yes, indeed it is possible.

Our Vedas have tremendous amount of information on mantras which are really helpful for the mankind. And in this holy Vedas, there lies a secret mantra which is capable of making you more energetic, more virile and a person of confidence.

So, what is the mantra?

“Hreem is the mantra which can help you attain self-respect, a higher self-esteem and increase your aura which even normal people can acknowledge. 

Let us understand the Hreem mantra and check for its benefits.

Hreem mantra

What is Hreem mantra?

Just like other single syllabled or beej mantras “Hreem” is yet another powerful mantra whose sound represents creation and destruction.

It invokes the energy of fire, light and dharma upon chanting. Although it doesn’t mean anything, the sound energy has the power of both Shiva & Shakti within itself.

It represents the “Ardhnarishwar” (half male & half female) of Lord Shiva.

It also symbolises the power of “Mahamaya- the worldly illusion” and materialistic desires and “Mata “Bhuvneshwari”- the consort of “Lord Bhuvneshwar” (Bhuvneshwar is Lord Shiva himself). Therefore, it is used as a seed mantra for “Shakti- the feminine form of creation”.

It also represents the solar energy which induces wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment in our physical and mental heart by controlling the “Anhata Chakra” – the heart chakra.

If we break down the word Hreem into its constituent Sanskrit alphabets, it translates to “Ha”- Shiva (the Pranic force), “Ra”- the Universe, the light, fire and dharma,” Ee”- the Adi Shakti, and “Mm”- the mother of creation.

It means we pray to Shiva & Shakti, who is responsible for the life and creation of the planet to dispel our sorrows and brings us to positivity.

Having understood this, let us now see the benefits of chanting the Hreem mantra.


  • Induces courage and confidence, the lost self-esteem is regained. Chanting brings positivity in our lives from within.
  • It helps us to remove our fear of connecting to our seniors and bosses. 
  • It brings both emotional and physical healing by activating our brain cells and the circulatory system.
  • Chanting of Hreem mantra induces a control over the “Heart Chakra” which can remove any cardiac diseases.
  • Chanting of this mantra can give us a attractive personality and we become a centre of attraction even in a huge mass of crowd. It has hypnotizing powers.
  • It brings us closer to the material world and also helps us detach ourselves from the material world.
  • It balances the Pita and Vata doshas.
  • Hreem mantra has solar energy and can make a person shine bright like a Sun. Due to its representation with the planet Sun, chanting can remove all its malefic effects.

How to Chant?

Auspicious Time: This mantra should be chanted in the morning. It best to chant it during the Brahm Muhurta (the time between 3-4 AM in the morning).

Auspicious Day: You can start chanting on special occasions like Navratri. You can also start chanting the mantras on Sunday, Monday or Fridays. 

No of counts: One should chant nearly 1.25 lakhs of this mantra in a span of 41 days. It is advisable to chant this mantra 1 crore times for better results

Asana: Use white coloured cotton asana or woollen asana for sitting during the chanting.

Mala: Use sphatik malas for doing the mantra counts.

Offerings/Pooja Samagris: Red, yellow and white flowers should be used as an offering. Besides, fruits and sweets can be offered. Light a ghee lamp when you start chanting.

Hreem mantra has the power of both Shiva & Shakti. It has the power to create and destroy.

On one hand, it improves the aura and confidence of the natives and on the other it sweeps out egoism making a person humble and full of gratitude.

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