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Today we talk to Pandit Sarvesh Nagarvedic Ji, He is an Astrologer. He is giving his astrology services from 2003. 

So let’s talk to Pandit Sarvesh Nagarvedic Ji

Mantra Quest: You are giving many free services, so please tell us more about your free services? 

PowerFortunes: We have several services on, which are although free, are genuinely useful and entertaining. The free services we offer are:

  • A free astrological analysis for advice on which remedy can be of benefit to an individual, on the basis of their horoscope details.
  • Our online fortune telling cards. This service is free for anyone to ask their questions of a virtual version of our Fortune Telling Cards. A user is to simply select a card that represents them and then concentrate on their question as they virtually shuffle the cards. The answer to this question is then generated by the cards. The spread and interpretation of the cards, is then shown on screen.
  • A unique zodiac love calculator that compares the data for two people and outputs a numeric comparison of their respective personalities, with regard to their temperaments, individual preferences and instinctive reactions. This calculator uses certain principles of Vedic astrology, western astrology and numerology, to work out this comparison.
  • A lucky number calculator that calculates a person’s two, primary lucky numbers, that is their ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Destiny’ numbers. This programmer also shows a detailed interpretation of these two numbers.
  • We also provide a free download of the MP3 file of the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, as recited by our expert at PowerFortunes.

Mantra Quest: How you feel after serving so many years?

PowerFortunes: Power Fortunes has been in the online business since June 2003, that’s a long time in internet years and the reason for our success is the support and wishes of our many thousands of satisfied customers.

At Power Fortunes, one of our main objectives is to provide personalized service for our unorthodox products and services. We do so in a manner that a user would expect of any other form of professional service.

We believe that providing a visitor with a satisfying online experience isn’t just a question of designing pretty web pages or about building marketing hype. In our view this is achieved by rewarding a customer for the faith they place in dealing with an online organisation, with whom they have had no physical interaction. We do this by providing the best services possible.

Careful attention has been paid to all the content on our site, so that this delivers genuinely useful information that a user will not find anywhere else. We have tried to keep our content as factual as possible, with very little editorial, so that users can arrive at their own informed opinions, about the topics we cover.


Mantra Quest: What is your favorite book on astrology?

PowerFortunes: There are many good books about astrology. Some good authors are R.K Shrimali, Bhojraj Dwivedi, T.M. Rao and Shakuntla Devi.

As our site content relates mostly to ancient beliefs, this has been sourced mainly from the knowledge, research and experiences of our experts.

Mantra Quest: Tell us more about your paid services?

PowerFortunes: Power Fortunes is run by a group of accomplished experts from the fields of astrology and the tarot, who are backed by a professional support crew. This allows customers the unique experience of benefiting from ancient knowledge and beliefs, through a modern day way of functioning. 

At we design and create unique astrological products, like powerful good luck charms, amulets and talismans and include unisex wearable and non- wearable, fixed talismans. All these products are created on auspicious dates and energized in special consecration ceremonies, before they are sent out.

We also offer a range of paid astrological reports and readings and paid tarot card readings performed by our resident tarot card reader.

Mantra Quest: What you think about that can people find their every solution in astrology?

PowerFortunes: In a word, no. We do not claim that astrology is the solution to every problem in life. To suggest this would imply that resolving the problems we encounter in life, lies beyond the abilities that we have been given.

Astrology is based on the principle that thoughts, deeds and efforts (karam) are the overarching driving forces in our lives. We hold the solution to our problems, astrology allows us to find the correct direction and to maximise our potential.

We always make the case that astrology is a tool that has been provided to man, in order for people to find their right paths. If you take an even broader view, it could be argued that astrology has been provided to mankind, to remind people that there are forces in the Universe that are much larger than our individual lives. If a person can find a solution to their problems through astrology, they often begin to contemplate the other possibilities that this Universal force holds and so begins a process of greater spiritual enlightenment.

Mantra Quest: Which service you suggest for every normal person like one must needed service that he should take once in life?

PowerFortunes: We believe that a person should arrive at their own conclusions, resulting from their own experiences and understanding. We don’t believe in imposing our ideas on others. By and large, people are smart and know what they need and when they need it.

Most people don’t need, or even know about astrology or what real astrology can do for them, which is fine. In many cases, our readings are the first experience of personalised, astrological readings for many people. In our experience, people tend to turn to astrology, only because despite their best efforts and plans, they find themselves at a dead end. Such people can often prefer to wait and watch before taking a call on their convictions about astrology. Once they find that astrology does have something of value to offer, these convictions can change quite radically.

We don’t ever suggest that a customer needs to avail a particular service. Through our website, we try and provide people with information, the pros and cons, so that they can arrive at an informed opinion about their options.

Mantra Quest: Which paid service is best for students?

PowerFortunes: There are several products and services that are useful for students and people involved in academic activities, or people who are just in pursuit of knowledge. These are remedies such as the knowledge talisman that can be worn or placed in a fixed position, or the Mantra for the Goddess of knowledge. There are also career and educational astrology reports.

Mantra Quest: Tell us more about your Online Fortune Telling service?

PowerFortunes: On we have an online fortune telling chat service, powered by Kasamba who are leading experts in online chat solutions and instant messaging.

At any given time there are many different fortune tellers, specialising in different areas such as love, careers, financial matters, dream interpretations etc. A user can view the profile of each such expert and then contact an expert through a simple logging in process.

All visitors are asked to rate and review the expert they interact with. Hence, a new visitor can read the experiences of previous visitors and immediately establish how satisfactory their experience with any particular expert is likely to be.

This online fortune telling service is available in English and Spanish.

Mantra Quest: We want know more about Astrology Readings, Astrological Predictions, How they help?

PowerFortunes: The astrologers on have truly remarkable credentials, as they are eighth generation astrologers. They make use of astrological knowledge and experience passed down from all those generations, in their predictions. But that’s not all. The astrologers at are also constantly updating their skills and use the latest astrological techniques in their predictions.

A horoscope contains a great deal of information. There are many things that can be analysed and revealed, so gaining focus is very important. A good astrologer will always try to correlate the astrological conditions in a horoscope, to the events in the life of the person whose horoscope is being analysed. This means paying close attention to what the enquirer really wishes to know and scrutinizing every aspect of the horoscope to find out the details. When we attempt a prediction, our first objective is to gain a clear understanding of exactly what the client wants to know. Once this is clear, we analyse all available information in relation to this context. If this context is clear, the answers provided will be equally clear and concise, leaving little scope for ambiguity.

Astrological readings are sometimes described as contradictory. This can happen unintentionally, as different signals can have contradictory interpretations. However, if the astrologer understands the context correctly and if a sequence of events can be correlated through the horoscope, extraneous and incorrect information can be eliminated.

When we provide an answer, we make every effort to make this as complete as possible. We give details for the reasons for our answers, so that they are as conclusive as possible. If despite this, the client still needs follow up information, we always provide this, even if this is requested after the reading has been completed.

We have performed thousands of online readings and the overwhelming majority of our clients are satisfied and often go on to become long term, repeat customers. Also, the main difference between our predictions and those provided by traditional astrologers, is that our answers are provided in black and white and a client can always go back to these answers and refer to them.

Mantra Quest: What are your future plans for your blog?

PowerFortunes: We have useful information about different topics, which is integrated into the main sections of our website. The information on our site has been carefully curated and presented, so as to provide the most value to our visitors. We are constantly looking at ways to update and improve the value of this information, but we don’t add new pages on a regular basis.

We do however, run a full-fledged blog on Medium at, and we post new articles here. We have recently added some interesting articles to this blog, so we don’t have anything new planned right now.

Mantra Quest: What inspired you to write? Has your inspiration changed over time?

PowerFortunes: As already mentioned, we don’t believe in the imposition of ideas or values, be these ours or someone else’s. As such, we are not driven to change the world with our ideas. Also, PowerFortunes is commercial establishment and we are committed to providing the visitors to our website with the best experience possible. This includes not only providing the best information, but doing this in a satisfying manner, through the use of high quality graphics and interactive tools, where ever possible.

This is what inspires us and this extends to every aspect of our website, including the way we code and the web technologies we employ. In fact, although our website is relatively small, we make use certain techniques that are normally the reserve of larger websites, which possess greater technological resources.

Mantra Quest: If a reader would like to get involved with your organization, how do you recommend getting started? Contacting you via your website or social handles? 

PowerFortunes: Our full contact details are available on our website at here and contact us from here would be the quickest way to get in touch. However, we have a presence on all social media platforms and we love to interact with fans and visitors on social media. We are available at:






Thank you Pandit Sarvesh Nagarvedic Ji to me my interviewee. Best wishes for your future.

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