Maa Kali Mantras - Know Which Problems They Solve

Kali is the angelic protector of the earth, she is also known as Kaalika the Hindu goddess.

According to the Vedic scriptures she is called as the Dark Mother” because of her destructive power. 

Kali is the name derived from the Sanskrit word “Kala” which means time.  She, therefore constitute time, power, protection and destruction. She is considered to be the fierce form of Durga/Parvati who is the companion of lord Shiva. 

Maa Kali is considered to be the first of 10 Mahavidhyas, or demonstration of Great Goddess or the supreme reality. 

She is often seen as standing or dancing on her companion, the Hindu God Shiva who lies there quiet and flat.

goddess kali

Maa Kali Mantra to Keep You Away From all the Trouble, Tension and Suspensions

एकवेणी जपाकर्णपूरा नग्ना खरास्थिता


  • Life is full of tension and suspension, so keep chanting this Mantra every day and it will keep you away from all the trouble, tension as well as suspensions. 
  • It will destroy your problems and makes your path smooth. 
  • Make it your habit and pray to goddess Kali every day with and she will takes care of you. 

Vanish Sorrows, Pains and all the Evil Powers

ओम करला-बदनाम घोरम मुक्ता


  • Maa Kaali is known as Chandal who destroyed all the evil powers so it will protect you from all the evil power. 
  • Goddess Kaali has lots of form, she is also called the dakhsina kaali who is dark as night, but she is so kind to her devotees that she vanish their all sorrows and pains. 
  • No one can harm you if you keep chanting this Mantra in your difficult times or whenever you are afraid of anything. 

Kali Mantras For Career Enhancements

maha kali mantra


  • Those who are seeking jobs, career enhancements, promotions and change in their career are highly benefited by these chants. 
  • A time should be fixed for chanting and sit calmly with full devotion towards the kindly form of Maa Kali. 
  • You will see the results of this Mantra coming from everywhere. 
  • If you want your love life to be headed towards a good love life then chant with your partner.
  • Chanting this Mantra with your family brings peace, harmony and happiness. It is said that she is of forgiving nature and can be easily pleased.

Kali Mantra for Removing Evil Eye and Enemies

Mantra for Removing Evil Eye


  • The personification and the ultimate purpose of goddess are to destroy the evil doers and the monsters especially from the evil eye and black magic.
  • It is very powerful tantric Mantra which can be chanted to protect yourself and your dear ones from black magic.
  • This Mantra helps to remove hindrance and negativity from your life. It also blesses you with positivity and prosperity in life.

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mnatra book

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She is pictured as the giver who gives liberation and destroys all the evil forces.

In most of the conversation she is depicted as fierce and evil but she is the mother of the world and filled with sympathy. She is contemplating primitive form of life beginning. 

Procedure for Mantra Chanting

  • After a bath in the early morning, sit on a red cloth in front of the image of Goddess Kaali kept on a table covered with red cloth.
  • Also decorate her image with red color flowers and other types of garlands.
  • The China rose flowers (Arhul) is the most favourite flower of Goddess Kali. 
  • Apart from that you will have to use red chandan, blood red vermillion and incense sticks and a lamp made of tile oil before starting your mantras chanting. 
  • Kaali Mantras are especially chanted during midnight for its great effect. Tantrik should chant in the cremation place being totally naked. 
  • The Mantras should be chanted 108 times with right pronunciation. Beware these mantras are extremely powerful and a mistake can create havoc in your life.

Tips to make them more effective

  • Usually Kali Mantras are chanted by common devotees and priests. But they are quite different from tantrik process of chanting. 
  • Common people for their everyday life can chant mantras either on their fingers or beads. 
  • But for a tantrik or a priest to attain Siddhi these Mantras should be chanted with a Rudraksha Mala or a Black Hakik Mala
  • One important thing about these chants is that to attain goddess blessings one should get over all the inhibitions, prejudices and attachments from the worldly desires.
  • For protection Mantras one can make a nail out of a bone’s snake and taking this bone in your hand, you will have to chant the mantras 7 times while remembering the name of your enemy. 
  • This Mantra is very powerful and should be done in Ashlesha nakshatra

Astrological Significance

  • According to Vedic astrology, chanting of Kali Mantras are of utmost benefit when a person is undergoing death like experiences due to black magic and evil eye
  • Astrologers also prescribe these Mantras when a person is going through a tumultuous time of Shani Saade saati and Shani Dhaiyya (a very troubling time in one’s life). 
  • They are also for great relief during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Shani, if the Saturn is posited badly or posited in bad houses of your horoscope.
  • She has been most worshiped Goddess especially in West Bengal and temples like Kalighat and Dakshineshwar Kali is especially flocked by the her devotees throughout the year.
  • One of the most important temple is the Kamakhya temple in Assam where the devotes and the tantrik goes to gain knowledge on tantrik activities and learn black magic.

Kali Mantras wards of deadly diseases, boosts up your confidence and also keeps you mentally strong. The mantras help to clear up the debts and lead a prosperous life. 

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