Kamakhya Mantras To Attain Love, Wealth, Power & Protection

Among all the 51 Shaktipeeth mentioned in the “Shiva Charitra”, Kamakhya is one of the most powerful and highly revered Shaktipeeth in India and is sometimes referred to as the Mahapeeth of Devi Sati.

It is believed that the womb of the Sati fell into this place when Lord Vishnu segregated the corpse of the Devi being carried by Lord Shiva.

Since time memorial, this place has been a pilgrimage for millions of devotees around the world and is a divine manifestation of feminine energy.

Maa Kamakhya is highly honoured by the devotees learning Tantric knowledge and occults. In fact, no tantric and Aghoris can gain the knowledge of mysticism and occult without praying to this divine Goddess.

So, how can one benefit from worshipping and doing mantra sadhna in reverence to Devi Kamakhya?

Kamrup Kamakhya Mata is the granter of all desires. She has the capability of ending all your sorrows and troubles. 

Do you have troubles regarding your job, career and businesses? Or has your growth in your career stopped due to friction caused by the co-workers and bosses? 

Stop worrying!!

Praying to Devi will end all your problems and will lead you to a path of galactic rise in your career.

She has the power to end all your financial problems and can provide you with all the materialistic comforts that you have been silently wishing for.

The word “Kamrup Kamakhya” comes from the fact that “Kamadeva” was the first to build Kamakhya temple when he was devoid of his powers by Lord Shiva’s curse. He regained his good looks and his luring powers upon praying to her.

Do you have problems in your love life?

Or are contemplating of winning back your ex?

Even a broken marriage can be fixed with her blessings. She has the powers to help you get back with your lover. Men who are finding it difficult to get married should definitely seek her blessings.

She is also the Goddess of tantra, yantra, mantra and occults. She has all the powers of 10 Mahavidyas (theten knowledges of wisdom). Aghoris and Tantriks come to this place to learn and practise tantra knowledge. 

If you have been under a curse or spell, chanting of Kamakhya mantras can help you break free of all the negative energies. Remember, her mantras can help you hypnotize a person but never do it with malicious thoughts and bad intentions.

Even a highly afflicted horoscope can be treated with her blessings.

Now, let us see some of the powerful Kamakhya Mantras and their benefits.

Bija Mantra- For Harnessing the Attractive Energy

क्लीं क्लीं कामाख्य क्लीं क्लीं नमः 

Kleem Kleem Kamakhya Kleem Kleem Namah


  • This is a powerful bija mantra for her. The root word “Kleem” refers to the feminine energy of Goddess Durga and Mahakali and is an attractive force. 

  • Chanting of this mantra will invoke the divine energies of the Goddess. Any problems related to your career, love life, marriage, money matters can be solved.

  • It can also keep the negative energies at bay and can protect you from curses and spells.

  • A person is blessed with good health and prosperity upon chanting. 

  • Regular chanting can make you reach to the higher levels of consciousness.

Vashikaran Mantra- For Hypnotization

ॐ नमो  कामाक्षी  देवी  अमुकी  मे  वन्षणं  कुरु  कुरु  स्वाहा 

Om Namo Kamakshi Devi Amuki Me Vanshanam Kuru Kuru Swaha


  • This is a special Kamakhya mantra for attracting and controlling the person you love. 

  • It helps you in hypnotizing the person of your choice. 

  • If you are failing in love or your marriage is not working out, you can chant to keep the relationship intact. 

  • Once you attain the siddhi over the mantra, the person troubling you will silently follow your wishes. 

  • People who have troubling and difficult bosses can chant this mantra so as to remove any friction in the work field. It can help you to bond easily with your seniors and bosses. You simply need to have a picture of the person whom you want to hypnotize with this great mantra.

Note: You should never use this mantra for any of your selfish needs and bad intention as it may backfire and put you into grave conditions. Always have a good intention while chanting this mantra.

Kamakhya Mantra- For Daily Chanting

कामाख्य  वरदे  देवी  निल्पर्वतवसिनि 

  त्वं  देवी  जगतां  मातर  योनिमुद्रे  नमोस्तुते 

Kamakhya Varde Devi Nilparvatavasini 

    Tvam Devi Jagatam Matar Yonimudre Namostute


  • This kamakhya mantra can be chanted daily in praise of the Goddess. Chanting can help you get all the material and physical comforts in your life. It can make all your desires come true.

  • It can protect your family from black magic and occults and will create an atmosphere of tranquillity and happiness within the family members.

  • It also improves the bonding between love partners and married couples.

  • Adversities and bad events can never enter the life of a person who chants this mantra on a regular basis. This ensures overall protection of a sadhak.

How to Chant Maa Kamakhya Mantras?

Goddess Kamakhya is a ferocious form of Maa Durga & Mahakali, so one should be careful while starting on mantra chanting.

Here are some of the important points that should be kept in mind while starting your mantra siddhi.

Auspicious Day: You should start your chanting during the Shukla Paksha of the month coinciding with Friday. You can take the suggestion of a learned Pandit in order to know the best nakshatra to start on with the sadhna.

Auspicious Time: The Devi worship and mantra should be chanted either in the morning or in the midnight. However, it is important to chant Vashikaran mantras during the midnight hours. You should be fully cleaned before starting on the sadhna.

Direction: Always face East while meditating upon the Devi.

Clothes: One should only wear red clothes while doing chanting on Devi worship

Asana: A red woollen asana should be used while meditating upon the Goddess. 

Rosary/Mala: While chanting, moonga mala is considered to be the best for chanting Kamakhya  mantras. If you don’t get the moonga mala, you can use karmala (counting on fingers)

No of Counts: They should be chanted for complete 3 months. You can fix on the number of malas you are capable of doing it. However, it is advisable to do 21 malas of chanting every day.

Pooja Samagris: Sindoor (Vermillion), til oil, tender coconut water, Panchgavya, red flowers, red sweets, red fruits should be used for everyday worship and mantra chanting. Try to use the pooja samagris that are fully fragrant.

Homam: The fire sacrifice should contain black til, black pepper and red flowers. If you are chanting some powerful Vashikaran mantras, you should also use meat and alcohol while doing the Homam process.

Donations/ Offerings: After the completion of your mantra sadhna, you should offer food and sweets to small girls below the age of 11.

Dos & Don’ts 

  • Maintain celibacy during the entire period of mantra sadhna.

  • Stay away from garlic, onion, non-veg foods and alcohol.

  • Always respect women.

  • Meditate on Maa Kamakhya after your everyday chant.

  • Never chant Devi mantra having malicious and bad intentions.

Maa Kamakhya has intense powers which can help you in achieving the life and prosperity that you wish for. Besides, granting all your desires, she has also the ability to help you overcome your deepest sorrows. You simply need to put your trust in her and start with the mantra siddhi.

If you want to know more about Devi Kamakhya,you can visit our blog section for other related articles.

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