Kleem Mantra- Powerful Beej Mantra to Attract Love & Riches

We all want to be successful in our lives in matters related to love, relationships, finance & career etc.

Our struggle towards this success becomes so much addictive that we keep running trying to excel in each department of our lives.

kleem mantra

We want to be charming, we want growth in our careers, we want to lure opposite sex into relationships and finally we want to become a strong magnet of wealth and riches. 

But, Are we successful in all our endeavours? 

Obviously, Not!!

We get success in some matters of life and fail at some. Isn’t it?

We silently crave for the beauty of a mermaid, personality of a superhero and all the wealth in the world. But all of it seems so unrealistic in this material world and ultimately we give up on our dreams and wishes.

But will you believe me, if I tell that all these things are possible and that too in this one lifetime? 

Will you believe that you can attract the most beautiful girl in your life or get a charming boyfriend love you back?

Yes, it’s possible. 

The “Kleem” can help you in attaining the life that you have been secretly wishing for.

Let’s understand this mantra.

What is Kleem mantra?

“Kleem” is a powerful bija mantra which acts as a source of energy.

It is a monosyllabic mantra which has the power of attraction and the power of hypnotization. This “ekakshari “is also known as the “Kaam” bija mantra and it represents the “Lord Kamadeva”.

Besides, Kleem sound is also used in the prayers of Lord Shri Krishna & Goddess Mahakali.

The strong magnetic power that emanates from chanting of this mantra has a high affinity towards all the materialistic and physical attributes in a person’s life. 

Besides providing you with a charming and charismatic personality, this mono syllable found in other mantras are used to induce good luck and success in the life of the devotees.

Kleem mantra is in itself very powerful chant, but it is widely used with other syllables in order to increase its accuracy and effectiveness.

ॐ  क्लीं  नमः

Om Kleem Namah

Let us understand the benefits of this mantra in a broader way.

Benefits of Chanting

  • Endows you with a charming and beautiful personality so that you become the centre of attraction among the masses.

  • Chanting of Kleem mantra remembering Goddess Lakshmi mantra can make you super rich. You can chant the following mantra for wealth and financial prosperity

  • You can hypnotize and enchant the person of your desire once you attain siddhi over this mantra. It’s extremely a powerful used in “Vashikaran”.

  • This chant excites the “Root chakra” or “Muladhara chakra”; therefore it can improve vitality and love making performance among people.

  • The mantra is known as a beej for sexual desire and therefore it improves our physical relationship with opposite sex.

  • Removes negative energy such as curses and hexes from a person’s life.

  • Helps in getting married or attracting a partner in your life.

  • Brings peace in marital relationships by inducing trust among partners.

How to chant?

  • Kleem mantras should be chanted in the morning after Sunrise.

  • Direction: Face East or North-East during the meditation and chanting.

  • Auspicious day: You should start chanting the mantras during the Navratri festival. If you start on any other day start chanting the mantra on Friday.

  • No of counts: You should always go for 1.25 lakhs of mantra counts in a span of 41 days.

  • Asana: Use a yellow coloured or red coloured woollen asana for chanting this mantra.

  • Clothes: Always wear red, white or yellow clothes during the Anusthan or mantra chanting process.

  • Pooja samagris: Use red or yellow coloured flowers, sweets as an offering. Light a ghee lamp while you are doing the mantra chanting.

  • Always perform Homam after completing the mantra count.

Kleem mantra has the power to enchant the opposite gender. If you are having problems in your married life; if you want to attract a partner, then start chanting this mantra to reap its benefits.

Want to know more about other powerful seed mantras, keep on reading our articles. We will provide you with other secretive mantras that can do wonders in your life.

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