Kreem Mantra- Ward Away Negativity, Curse and Evil Eye.

Hello Friends, 

In this article, we will introduce you again to a more powerful single syllable bija mantra- "Kreem".

Among many ekakshari mantras, Kreem holds a special significance in the mantra chanting arena. Since these mantras are mixed with other syllables, we nearly overlook the power of these single seed syllables.

kreem mantra

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Let us understand the common life problems where this mantra can be helpful.

We live in a society where we generally encounter good people as well as bad people. Meeting good people uplifts our mood and increases optimism in our lives whereas bad people have malicious intentions that bring us closer to negativity and pessimism.

The vicious nature of these bad people makes them perform hexes and voodoos to harm our physical and mental growth.

Are you one of those who are feeling that some curse has fallen upon you?

Or are you experiencing a sudden downfall in your personal or professional life?

If you are all of a sudden experiencing a tough situation in your life, chances are that you have been cursed or inflicted with a negative energy. You might be under a spell!

So, what shall we do in this situation?

Unfortunately, there’s no medicine to it that can help you come out of this distress. 

Wait! You can chant Kreem mantra to cut out the negative energies in your life. This mantra has the power to remove all types of spells and black magic affecting a person’s life.

Are you suffering from nightmares or bad dreams?

Even a person suffering from bad phobias can be benefitted from chanting of the Kreem mantra.

So, what is it and what are its benefits?

What is Kreem mantra?

“Kreem” is a one syllable mantra which has the power to transform, power to create & the power to destroy. It is the seed sound of electrical energy which has the ability to work within us either by construction or destruction.

It is a sound manifestation of the great Goddess Mahakali, who loves & nurture us like our mother and on the other hand removes evil and bad energies through her ferocious form.

The sound produced by the chanting sends electric pulses within us that can control the wind the electric constituent of our body system. As it represents Maa Kaali, it helps us to induce the power of this Great Goddess.

Kreem comprises of “K- represents Mahakali, “R- Brahma” “Ee- Mahamaya” & “Mm- the dispeller of sorrow”. This single world translated to –“O Mahakali- the supreme Goddess, the ruler of illusions, bless us to remove our distress”

ॐ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः

 Om Kreem Kalikayei Namah

Now let us understand the benefits of chanting of this mantra.

Benefits of chanting Kreem mantra:

  • It removes sorrows and gloominess in a person’s life. Chanting  can increase your confidence level and increase the fire within ourselves.

  • It detaches us from all the negative energies and keeps all the illusions at bay.

  • Fear, mental anxiety and phobias can no more trouble you, once you start chanting the Kreem mantra.

  • Regular chanting can ward of all the evil forces in your life. Any problem in the professional and personal front will be weeded out. Enemies can no longer trouble you after attaining siddhi over the mantra.

  • Kreem rules over planet Mars and can be used for pacifying or increasing the benefic qualities of Martian energies.

  • It is also quite beneficial for people having Pitta and Vata imbalances.

  • Chanting of Kreem mantra during Saadesaati, Dhaiyya, Rahu and Saturn period can actually ease the struggles and tribulations during these times.

  • Chanting of Kreem mantra can bring you closer to the “Das Mahavidyas” (10 wisdom’s of knowledge) of Goddess Kaali.

How to chant?

  • Auspicious Time: It is best to chant in the midnight.

  • Auspicious Day: You can start chanting from Kaali Pooja which falls on the night of Diwali or during the Navratri. It is best to start this mantra on Tuesdays.

  • Direction: North is considered best for chanting on meditating upon Goddess Kali.

  • Number of Counts: You should chant for at least 1.25 lakhs times within 41 days.

  • Mala: Always use Rudraksha malas for doing the chants.

  • Asana: Use red woollen asana for sitting during the process.

  • Clothes: Red clothes are considered to be the best for meditation.

  • Pooja Samagris/ Offerings: Use red flowers (especially China rose) to offer Goddess Kali. Offer traditional sweets and fruits as an offering. Light ghee lamp before the Goddess.

  • Perform Homam after completing the mantra counts.

Kreem is a short and excellent mantra for removing all the negative energies in your life. It keeps you away from harmful and vicious minded people thus keeping you safe in the hands of the Goddess.

Chant this mantra and write about your experiences in the comment section. 

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