Remember Lord Hanuman - Get a Trouble Free Life and Fulfill Your Wishes 

I have received so many messages from people that how they are suffering by lots of trouble, including the disturbance of negative energy, week health , bad luck and economic problem etc.

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But none of them know how to get rid of it, so I thought to share remedies, the secret of Lord Hanuman Mantra. 

As we all know that how useful is chanting the hanuman chalisa, but very few people are there who know these rare Hanuman Mantras which have lots of benefits, and by which you can fulfill your all wishes. 

god hanuman

Lord Hanuman and his Mantras

Hanuman who is prompt as the Mind and quick as the Wind.

Who is the owner of the strong senses and we bow to him for his excellent learning skills, wisdom and intelligence. 

He is the son of Pavan ( God of Wind) and chief of Vanar soldiers. I bow down to the messenger of Sri Rama. 

Mano-Javam Maaruta

Benefits :

  • Chanting this Mantra of Bajrangbali, fulfill your all wishes. 
  • Lord Hanuman is the symbol of wisdom, and intelligence, so by praying to him you will get this thing as his blessing. 
  • He is also known as Siranjivi who is beyond the death. So chanting with full devotion and concentration will remove your fear of death. 

Most powerful Mantra for Instant Result

This is another strong Mantra you can whisper to worship the Bajrangbali. With this hymn you are praying to the Rudra avtar Maruti to abduct your EGO and make you a fresh spirit. 

hanuman mantra

Benefits :

  • This is the most secret and powerful Mantra which shows the instant result. 
  • If you feel any trouble, keep chanting and you can feel the inner power to recover the problem. 
  • By chanting this Hanuman Name, anyone can exceptionally powerful. 

Save From Your Enemies

Om Namo Parmatamne

Benefits :

  • This Mantra will help you to save your life from your enemies. 
  • It is used to protect you from all the negative energies. While chanting this hanuman Name will protect you from all the bad luck and negativity. 
  • No bad or evil power can come to you or harm you.
  • To get the best benefit, chant 108 times and see the result by your own.

Here are the Different Reason and Benefits of Remembering the Lord: 

  • Are you feeling haphazard in your life? After doing lots of mediation you are not able to calm your mind, then you need to chant this Hanuman Strot, Hanuman is the source of Strength and energy, so after chanting the mantra you can overcome all the troubles and you will feel the inner strength. 
  • Chanting will provides you an organized life. You can lead a disciplined life and the good luck will kiss your feet. 
  • Show your dedication and devotion to the lord, and rest he will arrange for you. Your health will also improve. 
  • Vooth, Pisach Nikat Nahi ave – means ghost or any evil power will not come close to you , or can’t able to harm you .
  • If you are facing issues in taking decision then you need the mental strength, by regular chanting your mental strength will increase and you will be able to take any tough decision. 
  • Our life is now full of problems, Married Couples are not happy, children are not focusing on their study, business is not running well. All of these problems can be solve if you become the great devotee of Lord. 
  • Keep chanting the Mantra everyday without any fail, and see the result by yourself. How your life get change by chanting the Sri Hanuman Name.
  • Hanuman Mantra purify your body and soul, prevents all the bad and harmful eye sight , in one word, chanting creates an invisible shield around you and it will protects you from all the bad and negative things as well as the vibration. 

With this Hanuman Mantra make anything possible. Believe in his magical power and feel the positive vibration in you. Keep chanting and keep changing your life in positive and better way. 

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