Who is Lord Surya and how he effect your life?

lord surya (Sun God) holds a very respectable position in the Hindu culture. We often find people praying and offering water to appease the solar deity every morning. Sun is considered to be the supreme power and creator of the Universe. 

It is due to his power that life exits and living beings survive. As all the celestial bodies receive the light and warmth from his rays, he is considered to be king of the solar system.

Sun is the source of light, the provider of warmth, the creator of day, the store house of energy and the eye of the Universe. He uniformly distributes his solar power and brilliance around the world, riding on his chariot. 

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Lord surya

The earliest mention of Sun can be found in the Rig Veda, where he is cited as the dispeller of darkness, alleviator of sorrows and the source of enlightenment. 

Have you heard of the famous Gayatri Mantra? I bet most of you have and even some of you might be chanting it every day. This sacred Gayatri mantra found in the oldest Veda was written in praise of “Savitur”- another name of Sun God.

In the field of Vedic Astrology, God Sun is considered as a planet as it influences human beings both in the physical and the material plane. Surya Grah is considered as to be the king (Grahapati) among the Navgrahas and has an ownership of the Leo zodiac.

Lord Surya is the Atmakaraka (representor of soul) planet and represents the inner or soul desire, wherever it sits. 

He is the original karaka of father, male son, government jobs, status, ego and right eye. In human bodies, he rules over the heart, circulatory system and blood pressure. He has its exaltation point in Aries and has a fall in Libra.

Effects of Lord Surya in Your Life

Depending upon the placement and its planetary strength, it can make a native prosperous or might be the reason of his problems. Let us see some of the common events of life where Sun affects us.

Government job, especially in India has become a national obsession. Isn’t it? 

Are you one of those who are appearing for government jobs and facing repeated failures? 

Don’t wait and just check your Sun. Chances are your Sun might be in a difficult position or may be inherently weak. 

A weak and debilitated Sun may also be the reason for your incapability to receive government gains. People often face losses through the Government if he is devoid of its strength.

An afflicted Sun might be the reason for a rift between with your father. If your relationship with your father is not good or the communications are restrictive, then it’s time to charge up him.

He illuminates the houses it aspects but brings problem in the houses wherever it sits. Like, when he seated in the 7th house can bring marriage related problems, but it will surely make the native famous among the masses. He will have leadership attributes.

An incapacitated Surya makes a person weak and timid in nature. The native may have low self-esteem and lack confidence. 

Are you diffident in expressing yourself? If this is the case, he is in fall.

Lord Surya can cause an array of problems when posited badly or in weak planetary strength. In order to keep yourself protected from his bad effects, we are going to provide you with powerful beej mantras. 

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