7 Magical Healing Mantras will provide you a smooth and peaceful life

Hinduism which is a simplified name for ‘Sanatan Dharma’ meaning ‘the eternal tradition. Hinduism is not a religion its more like ‘a way of life’. 

There are many scriptures and books that teach and guide a human to live their life a certain way to reach “moksha” or nirvana.

The ancient texts available gives knowledge about different catagories – from day to day activities to science to medicine and many more. 

There are some texts included called Mantras. They are spiritual and have healing abilities if chanted with full focus and dedication.

Some of these rare and phenomenal mantras and their healing properties are listed below. 

Magical Healing Mantras for Your Mind 

ॐ नमो रामजी धनि लक्ष्मण के बाण

Benifits :

  • This is famous for its unique power of healing body and mind. Keep chanting this one regularly, you can feel the result, the inner peace of your mind. 
  • Especially this is used for getting rid of all the bad vibrations or negative energies. 
  •  It also works as a protection from an eyesore.
  • By chanting this magical healing Mantra a 1000 times you can lead your life towards siddhi.

Durga Healing Mantra

Om Shoolena Pahino Devi Pahi Khadgen


  • Being a devotee of maa Durga, itself is a peaceful thing, keep chanting her Mantras, daily to get the best and instant result. This is attributed to her who is the symbol of victory and joy. 
  • Chanting regularly keeps you away from all the depression, anxiety and stress. That is why, it is called the best healing mantra ever. 
  • Maa will shower all her blessing along with the peace and prosperity. She will protect you from all around. 
  •  For best result, use a Rudrakhsa mala while chanting. It will protect oneself from all the fears, troubles as well as enemies. 

Peace Mantra of Your Ancestors

Om yaam medhaam devaganaah pitarashch


  • This healing Manta is used for the peace of your ancestors. Keep chanting this for your ancestors. 
  • For getting the best benefits, follow this mention rule i.e. Chant with the red sandal, and Rudraksha mala, pouring water to get the peace for your forefathers. 

Mantra for Control the Fear of Death

ॐ अघोरेभ्यो थाघोरेभ्यो घोर घोर


  • Human being is afraid of the universal truth i.e. the Death, so this will control the fear of death. Keep chanting this whenever you will get time. 
  •  This is the Mantra of Devadi Dev lord Shiva that is why chanting his will give you a peaceful life and mind. 
  • Chant using a burning dhoop and the rudraksha Mala. 

Shiva Healing Mantra

Om namo bhagavate rudraay shoolapaanaye


  • This is the Shiva Mantra, chanting regularly delivers you an inner peace, heal your all stress and tensions. 
  • At the ancient period, Vaidya and sages were using this for controlling the fever.
  • Make sure that the patient drinks water after chanting the mantra for the three times. 

Magical Healing Mantra

Om haal haal mandiye poodiye shree


  • This will bring lots of positive vibration which will make a ring around you and make you feel the peace from the core of your mind. 
  • Basically, this is used to protect the human from all the evil power, if you are afraid of something just sprinkle the water on you or the victim, after chanting the mantra.
  • Apart from that, if you want to achieve the siddhi, then chant 10,000 times with a pure heart and full of faith of God. 

Magical Healing Mantra

Om shreeraam sar saadha lakshman saadha


  • Along with the Ayurveda treatment, ancient Sages and Vaidyas were believed on the ancient Mantras, which used to protect them from various types of diseases. 
  • This is one of those strongest Mantras which are able to provide you an inner healing in your life. 
  • Some people chanting this for achieving Siddhis. 

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