Maha kali Mantra – The Fiercely Protection

Have you ever been depressed, desperate and alone?

Perhaps you are struggling with chronic disease or perpetual poverty?

Does no one respond to your cry for help? 

Fear not! You can turn this around by reciting the Mahakali Mantra with all yoursoul.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been there too, trapped in the darkest valley of hopelessness. But if I could get out of it with the help of Mahakali, so can you! Read on…

Goddess Kali

Maha kali Mantra For Protection 

Mantra for protection

Chant with Us 

2nd Protection Mantra

Devi prapnartihare prasid


  • Protection from evil spirits and black magic
  • Cure from unknown diseases and very long illness
  • Protection from unfortunate incidents and traumatic events.
  • Becoming self-independent and strong enough to help other

Mantra for Removing Enemies 

Mahishdhri mahamaye

Destroying all Enemies

Om namo chakreshwari


  • Destroying all the enemies.
  • Praying for a life full of success and glory.
  • Destroying any enormous debts which will eventually lead to poverty.
  • Any reason which will defame you or your family’s reputation.
  • Destroying all the obstructions in professional or personal life.

So what is Next Mantra?

There are actually two of them. One is a Bij Mantra of Maha kali. The second one is a simple salute to Goddess. Both should be pronounced perfectly, otherwise the results will be opposite!

So here they are:

Om Kreem Kalikayai

This is the Bij mantra. Kreem is the main word here, which wields tremendous power.

The sound produced by this word will awake Mahamaya, Mahakali. And she will dispel all your sorrow, poverty, and all impurities causing diseases.

Om Jayanti, Mangala,

Note: When there is any kind of an eclipse, sit in front of goddess and chant this Mantra till the eclipse ends. This makes it more powerful (siddha). Siddha Mantra gives you the siddhi, or final achievement.

This means that chronic diseases like cancer and heart trouble will melt away. Your poverty will no longer be a problem. You will achieve good health, prosperity and peace of mind just by chanting the Maha kali Mantra.

So have faith in our Goddess and start making a positive change in your life!

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So, do I just chant it like a song? 

Nope! You need to do this properly. Of course, our mother does not ask for much. But there is a specific way to awaken her:

  • Always perform the prayer in a fixed place and fixed time after taking your bath.
  • It is better to take rosery of rudraksh or tulsi. You will have to chant for 108 times.
  • Sit in front of Ma Mahakali’s image or concentrate and imagine that image in front of your closed eyes. 
  • Sit in Vajrasan, Padmasan or Sukhasan. Sit on an insulated Asana, either cotton or skin of deer. This is necessary for mulbandh, which prevents the wastage of energy through the body’s posterior end.
  • Always start with Pranav (ॐ) before every Mantra to enhance its value. 
  • Pronounce calmly, clearly and with rhythm. Refer the MP3 samples available with this article.
  • Pronounce with purity, concentration feeling and one pointed of mind. That will help you to attain God -consciousness. 

Remember, the Maha kali Mantras have power only when we chant them in a particular way. They instigate the ductless glands, three Nadis, and Six Chakras to perform their functions. Then, proper metabolism is established, which leads to a natural recovery.

It’s not hogwash. There’s actual science involved here. Our vocal cords emit a particular frequency when we incite these powerful words correctly. 

Once this frequency achieves resonance with the body and the surrounding, the endocrine glands achieve synchronization and start working in tandem.

It’s like getting goosebumps when you listen to your favorite music, but better.

It is said the best time to worship Maha kali is 2 hours before sunrise and no moon days.

She loves the color black so try wearing black clothes and keep the deity on an altar covered with black cloth.

Avoid eating non vegetarian food and alcohol consumption on the day of Pooja.

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