Here are a Few Major Symptoms for a Malefic Rahu

malefic rahu

If you are a believer of Astrology, you definitely might have come across numerous articles related to Rahu.

Have you ever wondered the reason for it? Why don’t we find these many information on Mercury, Mars, Sun, Moon and Venus, etc.? 

It’s simply because Rahu has become an easy source of income for greedy astrologers. In fact, he has been painted so black in the astrological arena, that the clients are ready to shell huge sums of money to get out of their trouble.

Indeed, Rahu is a malefic planet and has been one of the major causes of distress in a person’s life. As he represents obsession, it make a person addicted to the things which causes sufferings. 

Like Rahu placed in the 2nd house can make a native run after money all throughout his life. Being smoky in nature, it creates an illusion in native’s life which makes the native to take wrong decisions.

But, on the contrary, this planet is also responsible for the sudden rise in your life. If placed well, say in the Upachya houses in the chart, this can bring all the name and fame in the world.

A favourable Rahu has the capacity to produce famous politicians, great artists and affluent businessmen during its operating period.

Therefore, a benefic Rahu can be the reason of your prosperity.

Do you know where your Rahu is placed? 

Or is it giving bad results?

Here are a few major symptoms for a malefic Rahu. Just check it!!

If Rahu is badly placed, then there are significant chances that you might be a drug addict. It makes you alcoholic and a master of all evil deeds. 

Are you self-centred or selfish? (Obviously, people analyse their nature). 

So, if you are selfish and have a “me” element in your personality, then a malefic Rahu is at work.  This can ruin your relationship and weed out the peace from your family.

When this north node of the moon is placed in the house of marriage, or aspects it, it can surely create marital discord with your partner. It can be either due to your Casanova nature or your over- expectation from your partner.

He is known to eclipse both the Sun and the Moon.

Do you find it difficult concentrating on a particular topic?

If yes, then obviously your Rahu and Moon are conjunct or your Moon is under the aspect of Rahu. 

When conjunct Sun, it damages your reputation. You will be ill-treated in the society and there are chances of losses through the government.

Having difficulty in savings?

Check your Rahu! It might be seated in the 2nd house in a bad position burning your savings. 

There can be many adversities apart from the symptoms mentioned above such as theft in house, sudden accidents and unfortunate losses which can be due to a malefic Rahu.

So, what is the solution for it? Should we go to those astrologers who are waiting to make quick bucks from you with no results?

Obviously No!!

We are here to help you. We will provide you with the Rahu beej mantras and the ways to chant them to maximise the benefits.

Let’s start with the mantras.

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