Before Mantra Chanting, You Should Know 4 Fundamental Things

There is a lot of information on the internet about what the Mantras are and why or how they work, I mean, there is a lot of information.

You will hear something about Mantras Chanting from Wikipedia, new age savvies, or even aliens that do yoga (is a joke).

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mantra chanting

What I want to tell you is that there is a lot of information out there just about one topic, so it can turn to be complicated or frustrating.  

I am not saying we have better information than other sites, I just want you to be clear that may be you have some previous knowledge of Mantras Chant that can be different of what we want to share to you.

I want to ask you to "empty the cup" so in that way new and fresh understanding can enter into your conscious about this beautiful tools. 

I want to share you 4 things you need to know before starting Mantras chanting. These 4 points were written to help you gain the most benefits of the possibilities that Mantras can offer. 

First: You Need to Have a Strong Commitment Before Mantra Chanting

Maybe you ask yourself:

What commitment or with whom?

The commitment is with yourself, with your happiness, and with the objective that is in your soul.

Do you want to stop suffering and get the blessing you deserve?

If you are still reading this is because you want a change in your life, a real one.

The first you need is a commitment to yourself, and tell to yourself: "I want to change, I will change, and I can change." 

Do it right now, trust me, tell yourself: "I want to change, I will change, and I can change." 

The declaration is fundamental. I can teach you all the Mantras, all the rituals to attract the love of your life, or money to pay all the debts or maybe attract magnetic health. 

But if you do not have a compromise to your hearth to have a better life, of having a better version of yourself, nothing will happen.

But don’t worry if also you have problems to find motivation, because, may be you are depressed, and when depression comes to our life, even it takes our commitment to ourselves.  

If you feel that way, don't worry. I am here to help you. 

So, remember the first thing:

Have commitment to a better life. 

Have you done your commitment yet? Good.

Second Thing To Know: What are the Mantras and how they work.

See, Mantras use the sound of words, rhythm, pauses, chants, and intention so when they are produced through our mouths the vibration creates different frequencies that can change the universe.

Nikola Tesla said: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think regarding energy, frequency, and vibration.

Science has proved that everything that exists is energy. Also, you can remember the famous physicist Albert Einstein who said that everything possessing mass holds an equal quantity of energy. Everything is energy.

Mantras activate divine energy to your favor.

Words, thoughts, and your feelings have the power of altering matter. They are a sacred hack to accomplish your wishes, what you deserve. If your vibration change, the universe will give you what are you emitting.

 They are vibrations; the matter is vibrating.

Can be confusing the first time you hear this, but trust me, there is also science involved in this. Many years ago people didn’t know about the solar system or microbes and many things that are normal to us, today's knowledge was alien to other cultures.

Mantras are a spiritual science that born in India and now is within your reach to help you to become what you want to be.

Your body is made mostly of water. Have you ever noticed when a rock drops into a lake a lot of waves are created, and they expand for all the space?

Well, the words you pronounce, your thoughts and your feeling spread to the universe, and the universe, God, the Creator, Divinity or whatever you want to call it, will bring you what you are telling them.

They are some kind like prayers, but the great difference and the plus of the Mantras are that they were designed by an ancient civilization, where the language was purer, and the sound came from the sounds of nature.

They are designed to ask the universe in its language.

“And still, after all this time,

the Sun has never said to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.”


Divinity is waiting for you to have a better life. You have to realize that the suffering we have in our lives is the consequence of our behaviors and thoughts.

Mantras are here to balance your life and help you to become the better version of yourself.

Well, now you know what they are and why they work for.

Well, let's remember, what we have learned.

First: Commitment.

Second: Know what mantras are and how they help you.

 Now, the next one is:

Third: Practice

Yes, they are a remarkable and sacred power that has changed the lives of ordinary people, politicians, celebrities, sportsman, and great people around the human history.

But it includes hard work.

I do not want you to scare. I mean.

If you want to get muscles in the gym, you must practice every day or almost three days per week, or maybe, if you're going to learn to dance, or play an instrument you have to practice.

The same happens with the results of Mantra chanting you must be constant and practice them several days, but do not worry.

After your first experience, you will be asking for more and more.

Mantra chanting is going to help you to attract beautiful things that you deserve, but also strengthen the connection between your soul and divinity.

Between your conscious with your unconscious. And to gain this, you need to practice if it is possible all the days. Think about this like ea, you do it every day because you need it.

Well, your soul needs Mantras to vibrate at high frequencies

And here is where the magic start.

Are you there? Perfect, let's continue with the last thing you need to know.

Fourth: Your Environment is Essential to Attract Mantras Power

The last thing you have to do is to adapt your environment to start practicing that you will learn on this website.

I mean, if the space you choose to practice is full of noise, or maybe is dirty, or if you do not turn off your cell phone, I am sorry to tell you that nothing is going to happen. Nothing

You have to appreciate the power, they are sacred, and you should bring respect to the tools that will help you to become the rock star of your own life.

But again, don’t worry. I am going to help you with a ton of practical information to help you on how to prepare your space and your schedule to have time with mantra chanting.

And that's it, let's remember the four things you have to know before starting the adventure of living the life of your dreams:

1- Commit to becoming your best version.

2- Learn what Mantras are and how they work.

3- Persist and practice all the days for several days per week

4- Adapt your space and time budget to dedicate the proper time to this ancient sacred secret


Perfect let's continue to this post "8 easy steps to prepare for Mantra chanting, a fantastic journey of abundance using the spiritual science."

 Thanks for your desire to transform into your best version!

See you on the other side!

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