8 Easy Steps to Prepare for Mantra Chanting 
A Fantastic Journey of Abundance Using the Spiritual Science

Mantras are a technology developed thousands of years ago to bring light to the humanity, you do not have to figure out from scratch how to make with your mouth all the vibrations of the universe, the ancient Hindu civilization did the work years ago.

Your work consists in doing the right preparation to receive the divine power in service of humankind. 

At first, all the things you have to prepare before the Mantras Chanting can sound a little complicated.

Some people say the Chanting could be done in any place, even in your car. But if you want the most benefits, we recommend you make sure to keep the following 8 aspects in mind.

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Mantra Chanting

1. Pronunciation in Sanskrit

Learn first how to pronounce the Chant correctly. For this, you can hear the MP3 audio attached in each category, and practice the pronunciation of each Mantra. 

2. Attitude Towards the Mantra Chanting

Practice gratitude, respect, and honor to a higher power, Divinity, to God, or a holy representation before you start mantra chanting.

This is very important, they are not a game, is a spiritual tool to help us to reach a connection with our spirituality. 

3. Sacred Guidance 

Tradition suggests you may seek guidance from a spiritual hierarchy, through a God or a Goddess common of your inner beliefs, some Mantras summon specific deities, in that case, Gurus recommend to build a direct relationship with them.

One effective way to connect with this higher force is using a representative figure, like a sculpture or picture of the Saint, God or Goddess when Mantra chanting. 

4. Inner Peace

Before the start, make sure that your emotions are in peace and negativity does not bother you during the chant.

Take some time to be alone and relax before the practice. Use Meditation to calm your thoughts is a good strategy to clean your energy and be in the best disposition for higher energy.

5. Standard Schedule

Concentration during the ritual is vital to obtain benefits. Set a routine on your schedule, in that way, you will practice in the same period of the day.

Is important to turn-off all the distraction during that sacred period, tell your family, couple or friend the importance of what you are doing and why you should not be bother.

6. Use a Mala or Rosary to Count

Use a mala or rosary of 108 beads to help you count. If you will chant with a single syllable (Bija Mantra), count 8, 16 or 32 repetitions per bead.

If it has more than one syllable, count one recitation per bead. Experts say Mantra chanting fast will energize your body while doing slowly, will calm your mind. 

7. Prepare the Space and Your Body.

Clean yourself and the space you stablished to practice. It is essential to include ritual or a sacred attitude when doing the chants, a good idea is to clean the space that you will use during the practice (also clean your body), offering a flower, a candle or incense is a good idea.

It is necessary to use proper clothes when mantra chanting. Try to feel comfortable but with a high sense of sacred respect. 

8. Asanas, Body Position.

Your body is an instrument; the position you choose to practice has vital importance. Imagine a guitar, the different finger locations in the cords create different sounds and melodies, the same happens with your body when practicing.

In Yoga, "asana" is the sit position that a person uses during spiritual practice, the word asana means in Sanskrit "to sit down."  

There are many Asanas available to practice, study and practice them before starting the ritual.

Choose the one that fits you well and the one that makes you feel comfortable. Well, keep always this points in mind. The next step is to choose the effect you want to obtain.

In life, everything that is done with love and discipline brings results at its own time. Practice the Mantras Chanting all the days, we suggest using the same routine over and over again.

You can improve it with the experience you will learn in practice. A good suggestion is to keep notes in a notebook so you can check your advances and ideas.

If you have any doubt or opinion, of how to prepare better, please contact us. One of the most important things to receive the benefits of this sacred gift is to share and learn in community.

Take care of yourself and Namaste.

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