Mantra for Marriage - Please the God for a Good Partner

Namaste to All,

Marriage is one of the most important aspects of our life. Getting the right life partner is very important to live a happy life.

You need a life partner who will stand by you in times of difficulties, to share your happiness and sorrow with and to live a blissful life.

There are many Mantras which will help you get married without any hassles and to the right 

Mantra for Marriage

ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं (नाम​) वश्यं कुरू कुरू स्वाहा ।

Hrim Hrim Hrim Hrim (Name) Vasyam Kuru Kuru Svaha


If you really love someone and you are waiting to get married to him or her, then the above Mantra is perfect for you.

you will get married to the person of your choice.


  • It is to be chanted in front of shiv-parvati photo or idol.
  • Chant 108 times every day; replace Name (नाम​) with full name of the person you want to marry.
  • Chant this way for 21 days and soon you will see the result.

Mantra for a Good Wife

ॐ नमः कामाक्षी देवी मम पत्नी मम वंश कुरू कुरू स्वाहा ॥

Om Namah Kamakshi Devi Mama Patni Mama Vansh Kuru Kuru Swaha


This Mantra is a blessing for unmarried men. All the bachelors who are praying to get married to the perfect girl of their dreams, then start chanting.

It is easy, simple and powerful and will show amazing results.


  • Visit a temple with nav devis (9 Goddesses) and start chanting in front of Goddess Kamakshi idol.
  • Chant for 108 times and then offer sweets, red clothes, Sindoor and black beads mala.
  • After this, chant every day at your house for 108 times till you see good results.

Mantra for a Good Husband

ॐ नमो महायक्षिण्यै ममपति मे वश्य कुरूं कुरूं स्वाहा ।

Om Namo Mahayakshinyai Mampati Mein Vashya Kurum Kurum Svaha


Every girl’s dream is to get married to a good looking, loving, caring and rich husband.

Worry not, this Mantra will help you get one. Married women can also chant so that their husband always loves them.


  • On any Monday, go to a temple which has a Shiva linga along with Shiva parivar(family).
  • While chanting, tie a holy thread between Shiva linga and Goddess Parvati idol. 
  •  Chant for 108 times every day and try to fast on Mondays.
  • Soon you will get married to the man of your choice.

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