Mantra Meditation Techniques – Learn How to Do This Meditation 

Namaste to All,

The energy and magnetism of a mantra increases with every repetition of the mantra.

It is believed that a single syllable mantra like “AUM” gets a life of its own after 125,000 repetitions. 

By continuous repetition the mantra will become your own and will help you get inner peace.

Mantra meditation has certain levels and by practicing regularly you progress from one level to another.

Mantra Meditation Techniques

Verbal Recitation

This is the first level and at this level you repeat your mantra loudly. Repeating loudly will help you stay focused. 


At this level you just move your lips and tongue with barely any sound coming out. This level is deeper and more powerful than verbal recitation.

Mental Recitationa

Many people associate this Mantra meditation technique. At this level you repeat the mantra inside your mind.

Initially there might be movements in your throat and tongue but with practice it will become purely mental.

Spontaneous Listening

This level is also called ajapa japa. At this level you no longer repeat the mantra but repeats itself in your mind.

Your mind subconsciously repeats the mantra irrespective of place, time or sound.

The progression from one level to another is very slow and subtle. But with continuous practice you can reach the spontaneous listening level where the mantra is repeating itself naturally without any effort.

Lastly, it is very important to pick the correct mantra and right technique for meditation. It is best to follow suggestions given from a meditation teacher. 

In the absence of the same, I recommend trying out different mantras and selecting the one which you are most comfortable with.

It is very important to experiment with different techniques and mantras as one mantra or technique might work for you but not for others.  


Mantra meditation is very versatile and there are no hard and fast rules to follow it. You are not required to recite a mantra every time you meditate you have an option to listen to the mantra too. 

You can recite a mantra very slowly or really fast depending on your comfort.  You do no need to repeat the mantra a certain number of time or at a fixed time every day. 

Just follow whatever you are comfortable with and observe the positive change in your body and psyche.

Happy Meditating!

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