Know What is Mantra Meditation and How it Work

Of recently, Mantra meditation is becoming increasingly popular.

But have you ever wondered what exactly is and how can you practice it? 

This article will help you understand the history and theory behind it and some powerful mantras for meditation.

So let’s start by understanding the meaning of the word ‘Mantra.’  It originates from Sanskrit language and is a combination of two words ‘mann’ and ‘trai.’ Mann means mind or to think and Trai means protection or instrument/tool. 

So basically it means an instrument or tool for mind. 

So What Exactly is Mantra Meditation?

It simply means using a mantra while meditating or in simple words repeating a word or a phrase continuously over a period of time while practicing meditation.  

Many people claim that using mantra while meditating helps them relax easily and positively.  It helps you keep your mind focused while meditating.

Repeating a mantra will help you stop thinking and erase negative emotions from your mind like anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety and to a great extent even depression. 

How does Mantra Meditation work?

The next logical question that will cross your mind would be; what is so special about chanting a word or a phrase or what makes a mantra a powerful and effective tool for mediation. 

The answer to this is Vibrations. It is a scientific fact that every cell in your body and also everything in this universe are vibrating.

Each and every emotion or feelings in your heart have its own rhythm. 

If your body catches negative vibrations it will start secreting those hormones which will increase your feeling of anxiety, anger, frustration and even depression. 

It is believed that by chanting or listening to certain mantras for a long time you create certain sound vibrations which will help you heal your body.

Your body will secrete positive and happy hormones.

Mantra meditation uses the element of sound, speech and rhythm to pacify, purify and transform your mind, body and heart. 

Choosing a Mantra:

The mantra you choose can be a single word or a combination of various words, it can be spiritual or secular and it can be in any language. 

Your Mantra can be Anything but Before Selecting you can Follow Few Guidelines:

  • Meaning: select a mantra or a phrase that means something to you. This way you will get attached to it which will help in easy meditation.
  • The sound should speak to you. Each individual has their own mind and heart, pick a mantra which speaks to you and with which you can relate to. 
  • It is not necessary that each mantra will click for you. It might work for someone and might not work for someone else.

Few Powerful Mantras for Meditation:


This is the most powerful and effective Hindu mantra. It is the oldest and scientists believe that the sound of the universe is also AUM.

Om Shanti Shanti Om

This Hindu mantra is for peace. It is a very powerful for achieving inner peace and tranquility. 

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

This is a Buddhist Mantra with its origination in Tibet. This roughly means “Hail the jewel in the lotus”  


This Hindu Mantra means “I AM HE”. So is the sound of inhalation and Ham is the sound of exhalation.

“I am that I am”

This famous Hebrew mantra is Gods answer to Moses when Moses asked him his name.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many other Hindu mantras which will help you create positive vibrations like“Om Namah Shivaye,” Gayatri Mantra, Mahakali Mantra, Vishnu mantras, Lakshmi mantras. The list is practically endless.