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See How Mantra’s Vibration Restores Your Health, Wealth and Relationship

The Best Mantras Book Ever

Have faith in our almighty religion!

When you feel that all the doors get closed, only our Gods can show you the way out.

Trust in our Gods and Goddesses, call for help desperately and they will help. But there are specific ways to invoke their blessings

And that is exactly what we will teach you – In This Book

How and whom should you pray to, and which God will help you outing which difficulty.

We will provide you with powerful Mantras which will turn your life around!

the mantra quest book

How to Experience Power of Mantras?

  • Mantras have tremendous power if, and only if, they are chanted systematically and with total devotion to God. 
  • Mantras are not magic. Don’t expect to just chant and turn a handkerchief into flowers. It is a science. It involves the alignment of body, mind, and soul. 
  • And, just chanting Mantras will not help you do your work. You have to perform your worldly duties yourself. There is no shortcut to success. 
  • Mantras act as catalysts. The effect depends only on your self-experience and faith in God. If you just chant mechanically, they are fruitless.

What You Get From This Book

  • Our objective is the elimination of your sorrow, help you in overcoming your difficulties, and to lead a calm, peaceful life with health, wealth and happiness. 
  • We choose selective and more effective Mantras which have never been heard before. 
  • These Mantras are specialized for each problem related to health, black magic on you, somebody is envying you, you are deceived by somebody’s bad intention, child, security, loss failure in love, job, contest, target etc. 
  • All problems have solution in Mantras. Your efforts plus Mantras power will definitely help you to achieve success. 
  • However, we reiterate that these Mantras are in Sanskrit and those who are not accustomed with that language, should take special care in pronouncing them. 
  • We have cherry picked these Mantras from old sacred books with valuable information. The Mantras are not written, nor taught by sages.
  • They have been revealed by gurus to their shishyas, or students. The author of these mantras is God himself.
  • So, it is a gift for us to fight our bad luck / fate and lead a peaceful life.
  • It solves your inner and outer problem be it physical and spiritual. 
  • The vibration cures all your diseases and fully restores your health. (You become perfectly healthy)
  • It restore you home positivity. (It teaches you how to smoothly run your home)
  • Let Mantra’s Vibration restores your health, Wealth and relationship status to a healthy, lovely and perfect one today.
  • Special mantras for health, wealth and relationship

Since the Mantra Quest practices the chanting of Mantras himself from his childhood, he is motivated to share this knowledge with all frustrated, sad people and help them in their bad days.

So, don’t worry! And certainly, don’t give up! Fight back with the help of Almighty and succeed.

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What is Mantra - A Mystery, or The Truth 

Chapter 1 What is Mantra?

Chapter 2 Kali-Shantarana Upanishad

Chapter 3 Are all these hogwash or really effective?

Chapter 4 So, how does this work?

Chapter 5 Using these Mantras in our daily life

Chapter 6 Four Fundamental Things You Should Know and Do Before Doing Mantras

Chapter 7 Eight easy steps to prepare for Mantra Chanting, a fantastic journey of abundance using the spiritual science.

Chapter 8 Vedic Mantras – Get Love, Wealth and Health 

  • What are these Vedic Mantras?
  • So what Vedic Mantras can give you Love, Wealth and Health?
  • The Ganesh Mantra
  • The Gayatri Mantra
  • The Ganesh Gayatri Mantra 
  • The Ram Mantra
  • The Krishna Mantra
  • The Shiv Panchakshar Mantra

Chapter 9 Are Hindu Mantras really beneficial?

  • Do they really work?
  • Now let us see a few ways these Mantras chanting can help you
  • Gayatri Mantra – Mother of Vedas
  • What is this Gayatri Mantra?
  • How does it work?
  • So how do I chant Gayatri Mantra?

Chapter 11 The Meaning of Gayatri Mantra  - Understanding True Power by Knowing its Meaning 

  • What are benefits of learning the meaning
  • How it helps

Chapter 12 Hare Krishna Mantra -The Universal God Consciousness Mantra 

  • Why such a simple Mantra became universal?
  • We Have Forgotten Our Powerful Mantras.
  • Tri Taap or three sorts of pains
  • Mortal human beings suffer from Three ‘Taap’ or pains
  • Why is Hare Krishna Mantra the only remedy to attain god consciousness in Kali Yug?
  • How does it cure you?

Chapter 13 Om Namah Shivaay

  • Amazing Facts about This Mantra

Chapter 14 Bija Mantra - An Enchanted Tool to Overcome all Difficulties 

  • What are Bija Mantras?
  • Bija – The origin of all things
  • Where do these come from?
  • Okay, so how do I use them?
  • The importance of pronunciation

Mantra for Money and Betterment of Finances

Chapter 15 Goddess Lakshmi - How to Get a Stable Source of Money?

  • So, how do we get the blessing of Ma Lakshmi?
  • What is the way to please her? How will she bless me?
  • Bij Mantra
  • Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
  • Diwali and Margashirsha, the most auspicious month to worship Goddess Lakshmi

Chapter 16 Lakshmi Mantras – Now How to Get Real Benefit

  • Lakshmi Mantras for Early Wealth
  • How to pronounce these Lakshmi Mantras?
  • What you have to do to take real benefits of these Lakshmi Mantras?
  • What not to do while chanting these Mantras

Chapter 17 Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra - Invoking Goddess Lakshmi to receive her blessings

  • Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra for the prosperity of household
  • Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra for prosperity in Business

Chapter 18 Kubera Mantra - Grant You the Ability to Think Rationally in Managing Your Wealth

  • The curse of wealth
  • Kubera, The God of wealth
  • The Kubera Mantras to worship:
  • How does this mantra work?
  • How to make it more effective?

Mantra for Protection From Enemy, Evils Eyes and Negativity 

Chapter 19 Most Powerful Durga Mantras to Overcome the Bad Evils of Life.

  • Protect You From Enemy, Evils Eyes and Negativity 
  • When in a crisis, remember Goddess just like Lata
  • Is the systematic procedure important?
  • What are those miraculous Mantras? 
  • How they work?

Chapter 20 Maha kali Mantra - Protect You From Enemy, Evils Eyes and Negativity 

  • Eternal Powers of Goddess Maha kali 
  • Maha kali Mantra Rejuvenates Your Health and Cures Diseases!
  • Do I just chant it like a song? 
  • What is this Mantra?

Chapter 21 Rare Durga Puja Mantras – the ultimate Armor for Our Protection

  • Worship Navdurga with Durga Puja Mantras
  • Protect You from Enemy, Evils Eyes and Negativity 

Chapter 22 Kali Mantra for removing evil eye and enemies

  • Procedure for Mantra chanting
  • Tips to make them more effective
  • Astrological Significance

Mantras for Health, Cure stress, depression and find peace 

Chapter 23 Shanti Mantra – Banish Your Demons

  • What are three obstacles,Tri Taap?
  • How to get peace from all these troubles?

Chapter 24 Mahamrutyunjay Mantra – Rudra’s weapon against diseases

  • The Power of Mahamrutyunjay Mantra
  • What is the Mahamrutyunjay Mantra?
  • What diseases can this Mantra cure?
  • Adverse effects, if not chanted properly

Chapter 25 Chanting Devi Mantras will end your addiction slavery

  • How Devi Mantras work?
  • Shree Maha Shakti Gayatri Mantra
  • Bhadra kaali Uchchaat Mantra

Chapter 26 Maha Kali Mantra for chronic diseases

Mantras for Knowledge, Wisdom and Success

Chapter 27 Saraswati Puja Mantras - How to Appease The Goddess of Intelligence 

  • Why are we always unsuccessful?
  • Worship Maa (Mother) Saraswati and become an intellectual!
  • So…do I just chant Saraswati puja mantra to become more intelligent?
  • How do I get the best results?

Chapter 28 Saraswati Mantras - activate and develop the academics, artistic and spiritual things

  • Saraswati Mantra for Students with Diverted Minds
  • Saraswati Mantras for Parents to improve their children
  • Procedure of Mantra chanting
  • Tips to make Mantras more effective
  • Astrological Significance
  • Rudra Gayatri Mantra to attain a higher intellect

Chapter 29 Kali Mantras for Career Enhancements

Mantras for Love and Relationship 

Chapter 30 Vashikaran Mantra – Your Medicine on Relationships

  • What is this Vashikaran Mantra?
  • The Mantra
  • Okay, so how do I use it???
  • How does it work exactly?
  • How do I make it more effective?

Chapter 31 Ganesha Mantras for Removing obstacles in Relationship

  • Ganesha: The Destroyer of Obstacles 
  • How to start chanting Ganesha Mantras. 
  • Ganesha Mantra For Solving Obstacles 

We are Mantra Quest with a Goal to Make all People Happy

Mantra Quest Book endeavors to give remedies for critical situations like calamities, jeopardy, sudden downfall in life, great loss, loss of near and dear ones, incurable illnesses, loss of wealth, no income, debt, continuous illness in whole family, etc.

Difficulties never dare to come alone. They always come in droves. For example, when you lose your wealth, you will lose fame, honour, friends and even relatives.

You get sick and without money you feel unable to do anything. Nobody comes to your help

But here the Mantra Quest Book Will help you


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