Most Powerful Mantras for Love to Attract Anyone

Loving someone and getting back love is a blessing. But not many people are so lucky to get back the love they want. 

When nothing works then the best solution is to leave everything in the hands of God.

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God has the power to change everything in your favor. To please God we have all the Mantras you need.

If you want to get loved by your wife or husband or friend or anyone in this world then reciting the below Mantras will definitely help you.

Love Mantra For Husband and Wife:

ॐ  नमो भगवते ज्वालाग्न्नि शय्यादिष्ठा विनाय स्वहा॥

Om Namho Bhagwate Jawlagni Shayyadhista Vinaye Swaha


  • It is used to increase love between husband and wife. 
  • If there are continuous fights between a husband and wife, then it is not a good sign of a happy future. 
  • By chanting this Mantra for love and following the below mentioned steps you can overcome this problem.


  • Take two coconuts and place it in your Pooja room in front of any God you worship.
  • With the help of Kumkum write husband’s name on one coconut and wife’s name on another.
  • Chant for 10,000 times every day for 7 days.
  • After the seventh day cover both the coconuts with red cloth and place it in your safe or cupboard.

As soon as you follow the above mentioned steps, you will see the difference in relationship from the 8th day onward.

Mantra for Attraction:

ॐ नमः आदिपुरषाय…............... आकर्षण कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

Om Namah Aadipurshaye ……………………….. Aakarshan kuru kuru Swaha


  • It is useful if you want to attract some one.
  • If you like someone or have a crush on someone but the other person is not interested then try chanting this Mantra. 
  • In the place of blank use the other person’s name.


  • On the day of Diwali or during eclipse chant the above Mantra 11 times using a Rudraksha mala. 
  • Each Rudraksha mala contains 108 beads.
  • Every time you chant the Mantra once take the person’s name who you want to attract.
  • Take a bath before Pooja wear purple clothes and avoid eating non vegetarian at this time.

Vashikaran Mantra for Love:

ॐ  ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं कालिके सर्वान्मम वश्यं कुरु कुरु सर्वान्कामान्मे साधय साधय स्वाहा ।

Om Aim Hreem klim kalike sarwanmama Vashyam Kuru Kuru Sarwankamanmein Sadhya Sadhya Swaha.


  • This is a very powerful Mantra to control someone you want to Vashikaran means controlling another person. 
  • You will be able to control the person to love you, obey you or follow you.


  • During solar or lunar eclipse chant this Mantra 10,000 times and make it pure.
  • When you want to use it, chant for 21 times and then wash your face 21 times.
  •  After washing your face, take the name of the person you want to control.

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