Mantras for prosperity - Get Good luck, Success, Prosperity & happiness

With the pressure of modern world many people are getting stressed out in order to excel and fulfill all the new demands.

To release a little pressure and find happiness some people are dedicating themselves to Mantras. 

These Mantras for Prosperity when chanted correctly will fill your life with abundance and prosperity.

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Below are few Mantras for prosperity which you can chant for your well being.

Prosperity mantra for good luck:

Prosperity mantra for good luck:

ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं भगवते राधा प्रियाय राधा रमणाय ।

गोपीजन बलभाय ममभिष्ट पूरय पूरय हूं फट स्वाहा ॥

Om Hrim Klim Bhagvate Radha Priyaya Radha Ramanaya

Gopijan Balbhaya Mamabhisht Puray Puray Hum Phat Swaha


If you are tired of bad luck and face failure every time, you start anything new then the above Mantra will surely help you. 

Chant this for good luck Success and prosperity will soon follow.


  • Burn little camphor and kesar in an earthen lamp, with the black ash write the above mantra on a peepal tree leaf.
  • Put the leaf in front of you and chant 18,000 times in 9 days.
  • On the 10th day, feed 11 beggars and give them money and clothes.
  • Put the leaf in the place where you do puja everyday.
  • Chant the Mantra 108 times everyday thereafter.
  • You will see the results soon.

Mantra for a Life Full of Happiness: 

काली ककांली महाकाली मरे सुन्दर जिये काली चार वीर​

भैरव चौरासी तबतो पूजू पान मिठाई तब बोलो काली की दुहाई

Kali Kankali Mahakali Mare Sundar Jiye Kali Char Veer 

Bhairav Chowrasi Tabato Puju Paan Mithai Tab Bolo Kali Ki Duhai


The above Mantra will help you live a happy and fulfilling life.

It will help you concentrate on your dreams and give you power to achieve what you want.


  • Take a bath everyday without fail and wear washed clean clothes.
  • Sit facing towards east in front of idol/photo of any God or Goddess you worship.
  • Chant this Mantra a minimum 49 times. Remember it is to be chanted in the multiple of 7. 
  • Chant for 14 or 21 days and see its effect.

Mantra to solve all your problems:

सत नाम आदेश गुरु को आदेश पावन पानी का नाम अनाल्द

दुन्दभी बाजे जहां बैठी योग माया गाजे चौसठ योगनी बावन वीर​

बालक की हरे सब पीर आगे जात शीतला जानिये बन्ध बन्ध करे जाव​

मसाने भूत बन्ध प्रेत बन्ध छल बन्ध छिन्द्र बन्ध सबको मारकर​

भस्मन्त सतनाम आदेश गुरु को

Sat Naam Aadesh Guru ko Aadesh Paawan Paani Ka Naam Anald

Dundbhi Baje Jaha Baithi Yog Maya Gaje Choisath Yogini Bavan Veer

Balak ki Hare Sab Peer Aage Jaat Shital Janiye Bandh Bandh Kare Java

Masane Bhoot Bandh Preath Bandh Chhal Bandh Chhindra Bandh Sabko

Maarkar Bhasmant Satnaam Aadesh Guru Ko


Everyone faces some problem or another in their lives. Sometimes the problem is big and sometimes small, sometimes the problem is resolved and other times it takes a lot of time and effort to solve it.

The above Mantra will help you resolve any kind of problem in your life. It will help resolve your tension and lead a prosperous life.


  • At the time of solar or lunar eclipse chant it 1008 times and purify it. 
  • Light a small fire or yagna and offer aahuti of black sesame seeds and rice for 51 times.
  • Using few peacock feathers inhale the smoke and meditate for some time while chanting the above Mantra.
  • Once you follow the above steps all your problems will get resolved.

Mantra for a new prosperous job:

ॐ नमो भगवती पद्मावती सर्वजन मोहनी सर्व कार्य कारणी मम​

विकट संकट हरणी मम मनोरथ पूरणी मम चिन्ता चूरणी

ॐ नमों पद्मावती नमः स्वाहा​

Om Namo Bhagvati Sarvjan Mohini Sarv Karya Karani Mama

Vikat Sankat Harni Mama Manorath Purani Mama Chinta Churani

Om Namo Padmavati Namah Svaha


Getting a good and high income job is what every man and woman dreams for.

A job which you enjoy going to will not only make you happy but also content and satisfied.

The above Mantra will help you get that job easily.


  • On a Monday morning, take a bath and wear white clothes. 
  • Write the above mantra on a white cloth using a stick and vermilion.
  • Keep the cloth in your purse or wallet.
  • Chant the mantra for 51 times every day till you get your new dream job.

Shiv mantra for earning quick money:

ॐ नमोरूद्राय रुद्ररूपाय नमो बहुतरूपाय नमो

विश्वरूपाय नमः विश्वात्मने नमः एक यक्षाय नमो

एक क्षणाय नमो क्षणाय नमः वरदाय नमः

Om Namorudraya Rudruraya Namo Bahutrupaya Namo

Vishwarupaya Namah Vishvatmane Namah Ek Yashaya Namo

Ek Shanaya Namo Shanaya Namah Vardaya Namah 


If your money is stuck with someone, or your business have a lot of debtors then chanting the above Mantra will be very useful.

It will help you extract your money and even create new earning opportunities.


  • Start chanting from any Monday. This mantra will be most effective on the day of Maha Shivratri.
  • Chant 108 with the help of Rudraksh mala.
  • Sit in front of a shiva linga while chanting for better results.

All the above Mantras for prosperity will increase your chances of earning prosperity and happiness. You first need to work hard and these Mantras will be a catalyst of channelizing your hard work into something that will be prosperous for you.  

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