Moksha Mantra – Make Your Soul Free From Birth and Death Cycle

Namaste to All,

According to Hindu mythology, attaining Moksha is the ultimate freedom from all worldly existence.  In this state you will attain complete oneness with the divine.

Moksha Mantra to surrender yourself to God:

By surrendering yourself to God you leave everything in the hands of God and let him control your life

Sarvdharman paritapjya


  • This is a universal Mantra to attain Moksha. By chanting, you surrender yourself completely in the feet of God. 
  • Whatever caste, religion or gender you belong too, It will help you attain the ultimate satisfaction.

Krishna Moksha Mantra

It was recited by Lord Krishna to Arjun during the Mahabharat war.

Teshamaham samudharta


  • By chanting the above Mantra, you tell Lord Krishna that I completely devote myself to you and also with all my heart and mind. 
  • It will take you under his blessing and grant you Moksha after your death.

Kali Mata Moksha Mantra

This Maha Kali Moksha Mantra will destroy all your inner enemies and will assure a place in 

Sarvabhuta yada devi


  •  It will give you courage to face death and will make you fearless. 
  •  Chanting with complete devotion will help you attain Moksha and a place in Heaven.

Mantra for not taking birth again:

It is believed that each soul is in a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Only God can break this cycle and free your 

Na tadbhasayate suryo na


  • By chanting the above mantra the cycle of birth and rebirth will be broken and your soul will end its journey and join the ultimate power. 
  • It will keep your spirit high and will keep you optimistic. With a clean mind you will be able to make better balanced decision in life.

Moksha Mantra for Power

This mantra is like a huge fireball which will consume all negative energy around you and give you power to lead a happy and blissful life.

Tvam vaishnavi shaktiranantavirya


  • It will clean all the miseries in your life and will give you power to solve all your problems and live a happy.
  • In many cases this mantra will help you bring lots of prosperity and happiness in your life.

It is believed that it is that state of soul where the soul comes out of the cycle of life and death. We can follow different paths to attain Moksha like Jnana, Bhakti, karma or Mantra. 

It does not mean by following these paths you will attain this. To attain you need several births but by chanting the below mantras, many worldly problems will disappear from your life.

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