Navagraha Mantra Chanting can be a Remedy for all Your Problems 

You may be having problems related to your career or you may not be getting the timely promotion at your work place.

Has an Astrologer cited you as a Manglik for a delay in marriage? 

Is Shani Dev obstructing your marriage?

Some might be suffering from depression or may be contemplating suicide because of several reasons.

There may be so many difficulties in in the sphere of your life to which you may not be finding any solutions.

But, Don’t Worry

Navagraha Mantras chanting can provide a remedy to all your problems. They have the powers to pacify the Pratikul planets in your horoscope which are causing miseries in life. 

They are typically beej (seed) Mantras, and the sound vibrations generated through chanting these mantras can definitely provide you with relief and -even turn a bane into a boon. 

We are listing these down one by one.

How Many Times you have to Chant

You have to chant minimum 10 Malas every day.

Navagraha Mantras for All Planets 

Rahu Mantra

rahu mantra
  • It is chanted by people who have a malefic Rahu placed in their birth horoscope. 
  • If a person has Grahan Yoga in a kundali, chanting of this Mantra can help the person to get over its malefic effects. 
  • It is a malefic planet and its conjunction or aspect with any planet can cause miseries for the native.
  • It should be chanted during the night, 10 malas daily. For efficient results, chanting should be done during the Rahu Kalam of the day.

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For Ketu 

Ketu Navagraha Mantra
  • Chanting of Ketu Navagraha Mantra helps the native to get over the suicidal tendencies and psychological problems in life. 
  • It also creates an eclipse (Grahan) with Sun & Moon, so a native with this combination should definitely chant it.
  • It should be chanted in the night, minimum malas daily.
  • Here it should be noted that if a person has Kaal Sarp Dosh in a kundali then he/she should chant both Rahu & Ketu Navagraha Mantras daily.

For Shani Dev

Shani Dev
  • It is the most feared planet in Vedic Astrology, and people try endlessly to get over its deleterious effects. 
  • People experiencing obstacles in career, business or marriage should definitely try to appease Shani Dev by chanting his Mantra. 
  • It is also strongly recommended for the native undergoing Shani Mahadasha, Saadesaati & Dhaiyya.
  • It should be chanted 10 malas daily in the evening, and native should place a lamp of til oil near the Peepal tree or Shami tree.

For Mangal 

For Mangal planet
  • A person suffers from blood-related problems if Mangal is adversely placed in a kundali.
  • It conjunct Rahu gives rise to Angarak Dosha which causes extreme anger in a person. 
  • Manglik people having it placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th house of a natal chart should chant Mangal Navagraha Mantra to pacify its harmful effects. 
  • A weak or coward person should also chant this Mantra to make it stronger.
  • Chanting should be done daily in the morning by placing an idol of Lord Hanuman in front of you.

For Surya 

for surya planet
  • Surya Mantra is immensely powerful and should be chanted by people who are suffering from low confidence, low self-esteem. 
  • This is of great help to the students who are preparing for the government services as Sun is the karaka of authority. 
  • Couples who are struggling with childbirth should necessarily chant Surya Mantra.
  • It is mighty and should be chanted at the time of sunrise and water should be poured towards the Sun in reverence.

For Shukra 

For Shukra planet
  • In our Vedic texts, Shukra Grah has been considered as the karaka (significator) of all materialistic happiness. 
  • People facing problems in matters related to worldly desires can chant this Navagraph Mantra for prosperity. 
  • Unmarried couples who are facing obstacles in getting married to their beloved should also chant this Mantra. 
  • Shukra Grah also promotes love marriage and inter-caste marriage if combinations in your kundali are met.
  • It should be chanted 108 times daily in the morning by placing a Lord Lakshmi image or idol. 
  • It should be chanted for 6000 times distributed over the days starting from Friday.

For Brihaspati (Guru)

For Brihaspati grah
  • In a horoscope, Guru is the chief significator of luck, wealth and wisdom.
  • It is often said that if it is weak in a kundali, one can never have enough knowledge to attain all-round prosperity in life. 
  • Brihaspati in a kundali is also responsible for marriage in a native’s chart.
  • Shukra can bestow love and emotion, but only Guru can make you walk down the altar. 
  • If Guru is afflicted due to its conjunction with Rahu & Ketu, it may create problems in the life of a native. 
  • Also, a weakly placed or debilitated Jupiter can make the native struggle for material prosperities in life.
  • Brihaspati Navagrah Mantra should be chanted every day in the morning 108 times daily and should be completed 1008 times in 40 days. 
  • It is recommended to chant this Mantra starting from any auspicious Thursday and after chanting watering of the banana tree will reap you fast results.

For Buddh 

For Buddh planet
  • Buddha Grah has been assigned the position of Prince in a kundali, and it rules over our skin, speaking capabilities, intelligence and nervous system. 
  • Native having problems with speaking such as stammering should recite it daily early in the morning. 
  • If you want to look young, then you should definitely chant this Mantra. 
  • Children having less reasoning and analytical capabilities should be made to recite Buddha Mantra. 
  • Businessmen should also chant to have a soaring business.
  • Usually, it should be chanted in the early morning, but you can chant it at any time of the day. 
  • Placing of Ganesh idol or image is recommended during this mantra chanting.

For Chandra 

For Chandra planet
  • Our Vedic texts denote “Manso Jatak Chandrama” which means Chandra Graha as the significator of mind. 
  • So any problem such as chronic depression, sudden anxieties and nervousness faced by a native can be cured by chanting Chandra Navagraha Mantra. 
  • Moon also represents our emotions and warm relations in our horoscope. It can make the native get away from scattered feelings and bestow us with a peaceful mind. You should also chant if you have a Grahan Dosh in your kundali.
  • It should be chanted in the evening 108 times daily in the evening after sunset. 
  • It is recommended to chant this Mantra by placing an image of Lord Shiva in front of you.

Our Hindu culture believes in “Jat Pindey Tat Brahmandey “ meaning where ever you are present, universe’s energies are present there. 

So these Navagraha Mantras should be chanted at the completion of any puja to get over the ill-effects of malefic and weak planets in your horoscope.

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