Know How OM Chanting can Change Your Life 

The importance and benefits of OM chanting is written all over Vedas and Upanishads. In ancient times, all the sages chanted OM to lead a disease free life.

In present time also science has agreed to its benefits on mind, body and soul.

Vibration of OM Chanting 

It is proved that the sound of universe and the sound of Sun (giver of energy) is OM.

It creates a strong vibration that cultivates positive energy which flows inside and outside our body.

OM Chanting for Mind

  • Researchers proved that OM chant helps in reducing depression and stress. 
  • It affects the limbic portion of brain which in turn calms both body and mind.
  • Studies have proved that it impacts a child brain to a great extent. 
  • Children who chant have better concentration power, are more creative and are quick learners. 
  • It will help you connect with self and hence help you balance your emotions, control your anger, increase patience and tolerance levels.

OM Chanting for body

  • It is a very good exhalation exercise and helps in better functioning of lungs and increased efficiency of the abdominal muscles.
  • While meditating and chanting OM you sit with your back straight, this help creates a significant impact on your spinal cord. 
  • The vibration while chanting also helps the vocal cords and thyroid gland.
  • According to a Harvard University research OM meditation helps improve gut health and mitigate symptoms related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

OM Chanting for spiritual well being

  • It generates an emotion of oneness.  
  • It connects you to all beings of nature and universe and according to Vedas continuous practice leads to enlightenment.
  • Regular chanting of OM gives you spiritual as well as physical benefits. 
  • Your mind will be calm, memory will increase, all deformities will vanish, unnecessary anger will be reduced, your skin will glow and you will become healthy. 
  • Continuous it’s chanting can significantly affect the irregularities of your cardiac rhythm and bring it back to normal. 
  • It can also help people control the variations in their pulse rate due to the irregular heartbeat.
  • It has an impact on the crown region where it produces uniform alpha brainwave signals which puts us into a state of relaxation and can induce sleep. 
  • People suffering from thyroid imbalance due to the hyper and hypo secretion can chant Om Mantra which can significantly alter the imbalance and bring it back to normal functioning. 
  • The vibration created in the thoracic region where the thyroid gland is located is energized while chanting.
  • The frequency created by the repetition has immense power to percolate through the cells and improve its working. 
  • A regular chanting of Om Mantra can trigger a change in the functioning of the gene at the microscopic level which can help change the metabolism activities, insulin secretion and immune system.
  • Proper chanting of “AUM” with significant stress on “aauu”, “ooo” & ‘mmm” and finally a pause after it can help you control your breathing rate.
  • It has been scientifically proven  in improving the pulmonary functions in people.

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